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400 Year Old Angel Tree

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I spoke to this 400 year old Angel Tree last month when I was in the lowlands of South Carolina on a working trip, per my assignment in the inner worlds. ( Though a lovely thought, 'vacations' just do not happen for me. I can be called at a moment's notice to assist in the inner worlds for a critical nexus point event.)

All of the tress across the globe are connecting and working to assist against this travesty of current world events and the bioweapons we are facing, with apparently more to come.....that could cause a human extinction event.

This particular tree is really something. Like a 'magical animal' in the inner worlds.

I had never known of it until I was needed in South Carolina.

Here is a trick to see how fabulous the Tree Kingdom is connected and it's consciousness as an entity of nature taught to me by Stuart Wilde in a workshop:

Lie down on the ground under a tree. Tilt your head to the right. Soften your eyes and watch. You will start to see all of the light connections from one limb to the other...and then the connection up to the sky. Trees communicate one with the other. It's good to speak with them now and ask for their assistance from the Nature Kingdom given all that is happening on the planet at this moment in time.

The same holds true for the entire plant kingdom Elementals.

You can also go up to a tree and put your hands on the tree. Go inward. Then see what the tree has to say to you.

When my child was born with disabilities, and at the encouragement of a writer friend- I went up to a very old maple tree on our property and did just this. The tree said to me: ' your child will heal when you heal". Astonished...I began my own personal healing journey at that very moment as well as attending to hers.

What is this Angel tree saying to you as you gaze upon her?


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