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Adapt 2030 Warns of Weather/Food Supply Changes

The import video above discusses how weather changes in the present and near future are effecting farmers and their ability to grow food. Adapt 2030 is a group of scientists who have gathered data proving we are entering a grand solar minimum and mini ice-age. They want to prepare us for how this will effect food supply and the overall economy.

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"I present information on cooling patterns across the globe that aren't being shown in the greater main stream media outlets so you can stay ahead of the waves of change occurring now.

I want you to thrive during this period of history, not just survive. My goal is doing something for the greater whole, this is where my passion resides and the ADAPT 2030 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 video series is an expression of this.

Mini Ice Age 2015-2035, covers changes in our climate due to a 400 year cycle in our Sun called a Grand Solar Minimum. Solar Cycle 25 will have almost no sunspot activity bringing us back to conditions similar to 1640-1720's in the Maunder Minimum. Effects during GSM's are always the same, crop losses due to cold damage with out of season rain, heat or snow from shifting jet streams, reduced grain yields, food price rises and economic twists as the most important commodity in our society becomes scarce. Having knowledge from past patterns shows which grain crops and which areas globally will go offline first, then we can create solutions to adapt to a cooling planet."

-Adapt 2030

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