All Soul’s Weekend with Jen Weigel in Lake Geneva, WI

This weekend just completed last night with 55 women and one male in attendance.

A full day of healers speaking and available for individual healings on a sign up basis through out the day with auxiliary events by the lake or fire.

I would like to note a few things in my experience as an attending healer and speaker: One is the quality of seeker now on her or his path. It should be noted as an aside, that often only women attend.

When I first started attending workshops in the 80’s- one could count on a homeless individual with a shopping basket standing at the back of the room.

Or, someone who was sure that off planet beings were going to grab them and shoot them up through a beam to another world. One really wanted to go to these workshops to grown and learn in this atmosphere at the time.

Now those of us who have been doing this for a bit of time either as a student or teacher, note the shift in the seekers to those who are deeply intelligent and interesting who honestly wish to heal and grow at those core levels.

The bridges are increasingly being crossed.

I would encourage all to attend Jen’s events as she puts them together with her business partner, Amy. You will be happy you did.

Please see Jen's website here:


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