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completely fascinating article by Dr. Bill Sardi. 12.16.2021. ( Resveratol and CMV to fight CV19)

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Update: I am so sorry to hear that Dr. Bill Sardi recently died. GGB

"A largely unmentioned virus that is innocuous (usually symptomless and dormant) but ubiquitous (present but dormant in most people), which represents co-infection, appears to be what has caused most of the hospitalizations and deaths reported for aged adults with COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

This virus ends up infecting cells that look overly large (mega-sized). It is called cyto (cell) megalo (overly large) virus or cytomegalovirus (CMV). It is unique to humans, not animals."

"Suggestions for action:

  • Lysine abolishes herpes (including shingles, chicken pox, lip cold sores, Bell’s palsy and cytomegalovirus), and Covid-19 corona virus and is widely available as an inexpensive dietary supplement. Theoretically lysine would work to prevent infection and transmission, something Covid-19 vaccines don’t do. Consumption of virus-activating arginine-rich foods (chocolate, nuts) should be avoided during active infection, and lysine-rich foods (cheese, turkey, chicken) consumed.

  • Resveratrol is a widely available dietary supplement when taken in modest doses (no more than 250 milligrams) and inhibits cytomegalovirus replication and aids vitamin D entry into cells via the vitamin D receptor. Resveratrol also inhibits blood clots associated with Covid-19 infection.

  • Iron chelators such as quercetin and IP6 rice bran halt growth of cytomegalovirus and characteristic cell enlargement. Both are widely available as dietary supplements.

  • This report suggests the ability to keep cytomegalovirus in check, in its dormant state, means coronavirus infection is not likely to become acute and result in hospitalization or death. Individuals with prior herpes infections may be wise to continually supplement with lysine.

  • Current vaccines don’t protect against cytomegalovirus.

  • These remedies are scientifically sound, do not induce significant side effects, are economical, yet the medical establishment has chosen to keep knowledge of these remedies from the public and allow patients to experience needless acute viral infections, hospitalizations and death. "

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