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East Prairie Explosion More Deadly Than Chernobyl! Please watch: Feb 2023

Mike Adams and Eric Coppolino ( ( twitter:@PlanetWaves)

This video has been banned btw.

Shocking that the burning of these toxins created a whole new Chernobyl event, vs what should have been a containment event.

A "Silent Spring" event.

Remedies are also suggested in this video: such as chlorella, green tea extract, matcha tea. Clif High recommends Chaga mushroom tea daily to remove dioxin from your system.

Farmland in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio all affected as is all food distribution from these areas now.

Pregnancies all affected: aborted pregnancies..birthrate affected.

Post from comments re this video by InfoWars:

MMLinwut2 days ago 5 cars of vinyl chloride monomer has a lot more power than 5 cars of vinyl chloride not monomerized, that's about 5 times more energy to satiate the energy required to form stable chemicals like dioxins. Toxic but stable. That means in my opinion with a single car supposedly loaded with phosgene (I told the EPA in an official capacity and notice I thought phosgene cars should be individually transported, not with pretty much anything to prevent exactly this type of scenario.) More energy than was released by the nuclear weapon over Hiroshima, and toxicity far higher and longer lasting than that type of weaponry. I believe it was 1992 or 93 a similar scenario was described and I believe copyrighted if not patented as a "chemical nuke" if contained... It wasn't contained. So banned chemical weapon manufacturing pit. Guess they couldn't find a grain silo to rig, or a way to say it was an accident with a grain silo housed chemical nuke. Testing for verification was banned because people trying to make the small versions of what they did in New Palestine Ohio kept killing themselves and people thought to be a safe distance away. Okay you guys are not talking about the participation of phosgene in the reaction. Every state has refrigeration technicians, phosgene is a big killer in the A/C service industry. It was used by Germans in WWII. It was too dangerous for them to reliably use as an assault weapon. Phosgene added during the production of dioxin, creates a few special toxic/dangerous compounds. If you thought this attack couldn't have an Easter egg of an attack to show it's rottenness by about July, when your guest said incineration is the way to get rid of that. Yes and there is a spike in that cannon, because of the phosgene. If I remember correctly people using active carbon water filters will light on fire filtering it! I hope they got the stoichiometry wrong. Seems to me talli-Biden decided to try to top Trump's use of MOAB non-nuclear option.

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