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The Dark Arts and Healing

Updated: Nov 28

We live in a Ying/Yang Dark/Light reality and at this point, this should not be news to anyone.

But there are several rabbit holes…both in the outer worlds and the inner worlds.

In the outer worlds, there are people sometimes found in the healing arts who are actually Black Magicians (“BM”s). I had absolutely no idea until 2006 or so where a bunch of us were in a healing class series together outside of Chicago. At the same time, I had a group of 7 here and we were meeting monthly to perform planetary healings: mostly on the planetary grid surrounding this planet. This particular black magician attended one of these monthly meetings in Chicago. What transpired next was mouth dropping and it is a story I am choosing not to retell. It was for my own personal teaching as I was wrapping my head that this reality even existed at that time.

That time period is when I realized there was a netting surrounding this planet that obstructed any Light from the Divine reaching us. That netting is still in place. Holes were punched in it to allow energy from the Divine to reach us, but the net is being rebuilt as we speak. It is known as “The Matrix”.

These individuals, Black Magicians, are more informed than the best of us. They can name the demons by name. They know everything about you, about me. And they have superior skills. Generally their energy exists in the much higher dimensions: 22-26. Shapeshifting is a given skill.

Black Magicians can now mirror white light, purple light in your meditation or any outer world manifestation. One has to be sure at what one is looking at is real: go ‘behind’ the light to see if there is a demonic lurking and presenting white light or purple light as a cover.

Black Magicians also have a ‘rolodex’ of names. Should one make the rooster as a Light Worker- be sure to know that you may become the brunt of psychic attacks. It will be relentless…learn skill sets to respond. But-and this is a must: do not give up nor give in. It is possible to beat them at their game.

There are also healers and psychics who are skilled who will cross lines and abuse their power to manipulate energy for their own gain. The knowledge of just what that ‘line is apparent. Unless one chooses then to invite in the dark to be by your side for the rest of your life, best to never ever cross that line as a healer, regardless of the reasons. You may be violating another’s soul contract and personal learnings to boot.

Inner worlds: the ‘Men in Black’ are also real. Sometime I catch one of of the corner of my eye.

I had a very real dream one night a couple of years ago. The MIB had me penned at the end of a ‘wall’…I knew in that moment I would likely be killed. They were using very, very advanced weaponry. The kind coming out of Russia and the USA today in vibrational warfare. Then I awoke. I realized that Source was showing me my personal skills and ‘tool box’ on this level were extremely outdated. I upgraded my ‘toolbox’ immediately to be able to meet them on their turf if needed or required. If you have to ask how: then you are not yet at that level, but you want to achieve it if you are on the healing path. No one is excluded. The spiritual war in which we find ourselves is intensifying.

As one of my teachers suggested, the path of the healer is one of the most dangerous of all professions. He wasn’t kidding.


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