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How to Learn About Energy Healing

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

The best way to learn about "‘how to learn about energy healing' to start is to read...seriously. The problem is that some healers never evolve and never learn not to use their own body...but rather to have Source come directly through them for healing- and that take years of learning and expanding one's capacity to hook up with Source and become one with Source.

The issue with using your own body is first of- you are using your own energy. A major no no. Secondly- you are gifting your client your own shadow because 1. you are using your body 2. you have not completed your own shadow work processing to the fullest extent.Another No-No.

Once you feel that you may have some capacity for healing work- start with pals and family. Take courses locally and then expand to national or international workshops. There is an amazing amount to learn and absorb...and frankly the best way to start is to read shaman material...and books published by well known healers that are not a con artist (I deliberately chose not to author books when that energetic was really up: "teachers "who write material what is not 100% accurate are in for it: AND that guy who became a national best seller while having visions while a homeless vagrant from a park bench is the kind of thing that drives me nuts- was so full of misinformation! and still is. Could feel it the moment I picked up a book).

So of course the next question is ' how do you know who to read". There are some really great grounded works out there and most of those folks came out of PHD's in psychology: Harriet Lerner, David Hawkins, Judith Orloff, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Carolyn Myss being an exception. Or Buddhists, like Pema Chodron. Have fun with it. And listen to Carolyn Myss Archetypal works tagged in the blog here to see how you fit into the archetype pattern of a mystic vs a healer vs an intuitive etc.

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