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Martin Armstrong Of Armstrong Economics ......Another Fighter for Truth.

Updated: Feb 22

Armstrong on Biden in Ukraine. ( Pretty obvious..."idiots!!" a "Belser " family declaration for obviously low I.Q.'s )

While this very impoverished community of East Prairie Ohio -- is terribly bright!!

New Zealand's PM Resigns: Jan 19 2023

Russia going to sea..who is really running the USA? . O?, The Anti-Christ?, The W.E.F. ( "Wefers") ..all of the above? Who is making the phone call that has a concerted MSM press speaking in unison? Biden is in dementia...'pure and simple'..He was elected with dementia..come on Americans...wake up. While you still can. Jan 12 2023

Martin Armstrong:

Let's start here today in this important post regarding Fauci...the liar :today's "Mengale".

Jan 11 2022


Head of Pfizer is a vet...taken all of the Vaaxxd and ill once again: Sept 2022

Hell in 2023....Schwab will fail . Interview. July 31 2022

On Ukraine. "Will the Real President Please Stand Up"...June 4 2022. ( Seriously - who is this guy Biden? ....really).

May17 2022: The WHO Grand Play for Power....Yep. Important read!!

Live interview Jan 13 2022: Has Fauci lied under oath and was Covid created because of him?

April 26th. Excellent answers to readers questions re the "great reset" and the USD.

April 22, 2022: Lindsey Graham goes to results: What is Graham thinking?

This is a great exchange with Madison Cawthorn on corruption with our DC cesspool: April 2022

and this in the press:

Biden Needs to be Impeached for Violating Rule Of Law Mar 31 2022

Ukraine : The Real Story March 12 2022 ( excellent!)

Putin announcements-> WW111 looking baked in the cake...March 10 2022

The Coming WWIII . March 7 2022 ( Let's hope not!)

Pfizer MRNA Vaxxx integrates into our DNA and is irreversible : Mar 4 2022

Mass Psychosis and Cognitive Dissonance :Mar 4 2022

"You missed weddings, birthdays, holidays, and funerals. You took all the shots and boosters and administered them to your children. Was this all for nothing? It is hard to stomach that the answer to the question is YES."

CDC using PCR tests for Genomic Testing Feb 2022

Feb 8 2022 Vaccines Contributing to the Collapse of Government :

February 1 2022...{YES!!!}.. Restrictions collapsing:

Vaccines: the Q no one wants to answer . Jan 27th 2022

CDC affirms Natural Immunity for CV!9. Jan 27 2022

CDC confirms the validity of natural immunity: Jan 26 2022



Flight from Government ...see his timelines here:


( jan 6 2021 event )

Interview with Greg Hunter Feb 19 2022

Interesting comments given Mr. armstrong's algorithms. I don't share his views about Klauss Schwab. I believe Mr. Schwab one of the more dangerous man on the planet at this moment in time rather than a 'pure academic".

The 'bio lab " theory and Putin's attack on Ukraine. Interesting ...would concur on the face of it..but then.....

March 1 2022

Who is the Adviser...Death? Russia/Ukraine

March 6th:Incompetence. Urkraine scenario: 1.


Blog/Politics POSTED MAR 5, 2022 BY Martin Armstrong: "I do not always agree with Tucker, but this time he is spot on. Comments I have gotten from Europe follow this line."

Lindsey Graham:


" Something is just not right. Graham’s outrageous statement calling for the assassination of Putin simply takes this to the level that there is not going to be an attempt to reach a settlement. Assassinate Putin and you will end up with another Stalin."



"Never in all my career have I ever witnessed such stupidity."


"Our model has ALWAYS picked up the shifts in capital flows that precede war. This time we are witnessing outflows not just from China, but also from ALL emerging markets on a scale that is simply unprecedented. The timing of outflows is clearly linked to Biden’s unprecedented sanctions against the Russian people – not just Russia itself as a political state. This has NEVER taken place in history before with the single exception of the US sanctions imposed on Japan and the freezing of all their assets in the United States which preceded Pearl Harbor."

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