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Merry Christmas 2022 : Neil Oliver

Updated: Jan 1

Last week saw the anniversary of the loss of the Penlee lifeboat, with all hands. She was the Solomon Browne, a 47-foot Watson class vessel paid for, like all RNLI lifeboats, by donations from the public.

On the evening of the 19th of December 1981, The Union Star, a brand new 1,400-ton coaster on her maiden voyage and making for Arklow, in Ireland, was in trouble around 8 miles off the Wolf’s Rock lighthouse, in SW Cornwall. Her engine had failed and could not be restarted. Aboard were her skipper Henry Morton, his wife, two teenage daughters and a crew of four – eight people in all.

Hit the link to hear Neil Oliver read this wonderful message for the times we find ourselves in. My very best, Gigi

Adding: Posted by Celia Farber on SubStack this Christmas morning :

Dr. Paul Alexander:

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