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Michael St. Clair

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I have been fortunate to personally know this man and I admire his work. He gives us two good videos to start off 2022.

It is worth noting that from his charts ( as well as those of Martin Armstrong) that we are not out of the woods in this WW111 in which we find ourselves. In fact, we are likely looking at several more years of this mass hysteria that has overwhelmed the world and in particular the United States.

We have a President in full on Alzehimer's - as noted by sound therapist Sharry Edwards early on- that the man had both Alzheimer's drugs as well as Adrenochrome in his system showing up on her voice sound analysis. Interestingly- that voice profile shifted in time. Due to an actor taking his place? Rumors abound, including a fake White House from which Joe Biden supposedly operates.

Here is the first video by MSC..I will also be posting his tweets here.

Reincarnation of America: Michael St. Clair :

America reincarnates in Dec 2022 after the Nov 2022 midterms.

History of past 2000 years has both gaps and possibly manufactured/history inserted.

An event occured in Dec 2021 to shield the earth from the tail of the Christmas comet

Destiny of America is destiny of the whole planet.

11 moves to Checkmate: Michael St. Clair:

the thing that is interesting re this interview from S. Clair ....protecting one's mind...

"stay alive stay functional stay free"

'psychic immunity' ..."war on the mind"...."comes from within the mind"

We have a few years to go still. Hard to fathom. He shows a Radiant Zone here...lovely.

I had a clearing today: ( january 5 2022) where 5 organs were affected by ( wild ) thought forms. A couple of them were clear to me that I am carrying Collective Consciousness ( which was also disconnected during this personal session. ).

The message is just that: there is so much strange energy floating about from so many sources we all need to keep our wits about us and stay grounded. Especially those of us stranded in locked down 'blue' cities.

I think I will have my black wool blazer embroidered with my initials...what a good look MSC carries off !

jan 11 2022

We are the Aliens

StClair NordicAsset @newmind99 · "Never in human history have we ever witnessed this plutonic revolution of medical doctors & gene scientists of all kinds across the board - worldwide. It is very big. I never heard all these specialists full spectrum say the same stuff in unison about any one thing. Deserves attn"

Tweet Jan 15 2022

StClair NordicAsset @newmind99 HumanET is coming to a meeting point with a higher level, aka Pisces Aquarius Age transition. There is an attempt ongoing to block & interfere with this frequency crossing, disrupt signal, sabotage Rendez-Vous. But that will not happen. This is the essence of my work LiGHT-SEEDS. 5:46 PM · Jan 26, 2022·Twitter Web App

In vulgar terms, to explain how nuts they are.. They try stop Salmons from navigating back to their Origins. You just can't do it. Not going to work.. No one will interfere in that divine human process in motion. i assure you of OK. KlausSlob will end himself & his worshippers.

Feb 4 2022 Suggested Reading List by Michael St. Clair on Twitter:

Twt feed is my notebook diary draft of my new book "Nordic*Asset". I am no walking Oracle & i dont have to answer questions. I suggested which books to read in my past film episodes, showed them here - by DeSouza, Dr Farrell, Dr Fred Bell, Lessing. *Light-Seeds* - by St.Clair 1:35 AM · Feb 4, 2022·Twitter Web App Replying to @newmind99 Here all the books by Dr Joseph Farrell Here Canopus in Argos 5 books by Doris Lessing Book Store Books by Joseph P. Farrell The Tower of Babel Moment From Bernstein to Berossus, from languages, linguistics, and Jesuit “lunacy”, join author and researcher … Book Store Read More » Admiral Schoenbach & Plan C by Dr Joseph Farrell plan C is the alien hoax ADMIRAL SCHOENBACH, AND "PLAN C" Remember that German Vice-Admiral that resigned recently over some comments made about Russia and the Ukraine? Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach? As we first noted … ADMIRAL SCHOENBACH, AND “PLAN C”... StClair NordicAsset "the whole narrative, as i said in my film clip, is falling apart, all of it, Covid, Russia UKraine, China, Davos. They went thru mutations of plans A & variations B. Should Extra-Dimensionals become visible to the planet humans, they are out of narratives. out of power, out.." bold mine :GGB Here is Dr Fred Bell Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light a classic techno-spiritual (Pleiades style) Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light - eBook by Dr. Fred Bell Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light: Information & Guidance for The Golden Age eBook by Dr. Fred Bell This brilliant book focuses on the end of old technology and the embracing of New Science. John A Keel Operation Trojan Horse 1970 Why we call this book in 2020 "The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs" ( - Barnes & Noble) Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs|Paperback OUR SKIES ARE FILLED WITH TROJAN HORSES..."The real UFO story must encompass all of the many manifestations being observed," writes John Keel. "It is a story of ghosts and phantoms and strange mental... John DeSouza The Extra-Dimensionals True Tales & Concepts of Alien Visitors

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