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"Vcxxxd Ramifications & Studies-2022"

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Now we all find ourselves in the midst of a campaign to disgrace the unvaxxxd, while the data shows the new outbreaks to be an outbreak of the 'vcxxx'd..........

Karen Kingston on Diamond and Silk. Well worth the watch @ 20 mins in: Dec 2022

Covid-Vaccine-bioweapon- unleashed? Dr. Paul Alexander Dec 2022

EXCELLENT! : Japanese Professor Goes Nuclear. Dec 2022.

Wuhan Lab Whistleblower...Cross posted on here. Dec 2022. Kyle Becker Substack. GGB vision in 2019.

Nov 2020 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Insightful....


20 mil dead...22 bil injured: Dr. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, an esteemed Canadian pathologist, joined Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson in a video interview, where he discussed these horrifying numbers: ( The Vigilant FOX)

European Commission outcome: lies from Pfizer. Oct 11 2022

Rob Ross,MP, questioning Pfizer.



Martin Armstrong: Fla Surgeon General re Young Men dying from the Vaxxx, Oct 2022

America's Frontline Doctors. Oct 2022 Are increased rates of cancer connected to mask wearing? Dr. Parks details the connection.'

CDC hiding Social Security data..."Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people." Sept 1 2022

A new study by a major insurance company based in Indiana shows a 40% increase in the death rate of young individuals are dying not from Covid, but from the Vaxxx.

The implications are horrific. This is not an understatement.

{Read on for continually updated posts since these) :

"It is the most dangerous medical intervention ever inflicted upon human beings." —The FLCCC News Capsule for July 31, 2022

Covid Vaccines DO Cause Reinfections, After All. Aug 16 2022

Science Mag on the jab: June 2022

This is so huge: moving to the top:

April 7 2022 ->>>

Download MP4 • 11.54MB


An OMG from HighWire on future transmission as the virus gets smarter: (May 12 2022).Dr. Geert Vanden Bossshe with Del at HighWire interview: "unprecedented deaths". "never should have had vaccination mandates". "very complex matter". "major, major consequences".

Full interview:



Risk Benefit of Vaccines Is Negative. Stanford June 2022. Steve Kirsch is doing wonderful research and work. He can be found on SubStack. Mr. Kirsch has offered a million dollars for doctors to debate him and no one has accepted. One is left to wonder why not:

Dr. Robert Malone...Preventable deaths etc with Vit D studies...May 7 2022

Thanks to Clif High and WholeHealthChicago ( though WHG is endorsing the jab, which I consider profound ignorance) : I knew early on about Vit. D as the lifesaver. . The blood clots being found are beyond stunning...they are deadly. Just takes time. Posts on Telegram channel and BitChute from morticians.

Clif High is suggesting a 40% die off rate per age grouping by 2024-2025 due to the 'jab'. It cannot be undone:

Moderna Knew.....Substack Igor Chudov. April 27 2022

Vaxxx'd breakthroughs....for CV19-> vs the Unvaxxxd.

Covid Vaccine and Brain Fog: What to do about it>

Epoch Times April 26 2022

Vaccine Mandate =Pilots- Violates Federal Law and Puts Passengers at Risk: April 18 2022

Pfizer confirms Vaccine Shedding : They knew.

April 18th 2022 and now:


April 17 2022: FDA and Pfizer knew the 'jabs' caused immunosuppression beforehand! Now we are looking at a huge amount of documented 'sudden' deaths among the young....( as in: Crimes against humanity)

Insane Spike in Heart Attacks and Strokes Prompts German Emergency Services to Demand Suspension of Covid "Vaccine" Mandate. April 15 2022

Masks Fail Their Latest Test. Steve Kirsch April 15 2022

We start with 2 articles this morning by Paul Craig Roberts.

January 6 2022 January 7 2022,


{and see the excellent post on Substack below by Dr. Robert Malone. Jan 12 2022}


Wow...Wow..Wow...Some folks have a lot of pay for in both 'crimes against humanity' and karmically Suggest downloading while you can. March 17 2022. Dr. Marcola site.

Download PDF • 185KB

Here is text toward the end of this missive by Dr.Marcola:

Has the ‘Shadow Author’ Been Identied? Producer/director Phil Harper now claims he may have identifed the “shadow author” who ddled with Hill’s conclusion.28 The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) reports:29 “‘The Digger’ on Substack (aka producer/director Phil Harper) has revealed the name of the person who could have edited the paper’s conclusions — which led to the WHO’s non-recommendation of the use of ivermectin. That decision could have led to the unnecessary deaths of millions across the world ... { bold mine.} Harper studied the PDF of the paper, wanting to learn the identity of its ‘ghost’ author. ‘The hope was that some artifact on the PDF would reveal something, maybe a font was different, maybe there was a hidden comment, maybe some tracked changes had been saved to the document,’ said Harper. ‘None of those lines of inquiry came to anything.’ Then it came to him. Was it in the PDF’s metadata? ‘Sometimes it's the most obvious of things,’ Harper writes. ‘The ‘v1_stamped’ version of the paper did indeed have metadata.


April 5 2022

Steve Kirsch:

Whoops! The TOGETHER Trial actually showed that ivermectin worked.


US Military covering up vaccine data: March 30 2020 . Western Journal . Republished: Defending the Republic, Sidney Powell

Epoch Times March 28 2022 Ask a Doctor: Health Problems after Covid Jab.:

THE Difference Between mRna Injections and Vaccines:

March 10 2022

Dr. David Martin discusses how these current jabs are any but a 'vaccine' but experimental gene therapies . Important read.


Published March 8 2022 by : Sharry Edwards

March 2022

Here we go: it's all coming out now to the general public who can no longer stay in denial: will keep this one going by number rather than highlighting the information. It's only going to get more unbelievable from here on out. GGB




This is soooo huge: DNA Altered by Pfizer Vaxxx.. March 1 2022