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Homeopathy cured my child's intractable grand mal seizure condition..supposedly impossible: working with a gifted homeopath: George Skuby ( who died in 2020)..when 'traditional mainstream medicine" was going to kill her using anticonvulsants. We never looked back. Nor should you. Gigi

Crossposting this critical read by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche...April 2 2024

AND THIS ONE: Dr. Vanden Bossche

I will start here, and add...with this warning by Karen Kingston. I feel it' mis-titled. Her point is that one's family linage is at grave risk now. This is not an understatement. It is impossible to overstate this depopulation agenda.

I subscribe to over 24 SubStack authors: specialists in medicine, investigative reporters and the like from around the world. As an Aquarian, I have an ability to connect the dots and grab a bigger picture. Plus my own training as a healer in the holographic pattern is superior. My energy lineage is that of an Adept. I currently possess 32 emanations. 1-3 emanations is not unusual for healers and mostly the norm at 1-2 emanations ( carrying more than one energy body in the Universe) .

To cut to the chase: there are entities on both sides of the spiritual veil who want complete control of this planet and they now want most to all of us off of it.

  1. We have a planet in free fall from a sustainability perspective. You can put your 25 acres in a land trust that is basically meaningless for a tax write off. Who is fooling who here?

  2. It's no secret ( or it should not be by now) that the West is declining at a rapid rate and the East is gathering their feathers to fly.

  3. Generationally we are living in the most corrupt time imaginable. We are on the cusp of reliving Atlantis' implosion through the misuse of tech interfacing with the human body.

  4. Covid showed us the greed of hospitals and mainstream doctors who put money before their hippocratic oath and they still are.

  5. The data suggests that 81% of the world's population received the "Covid vaccine" bioweapon through well developed mind control and social 'thought forms' embedded by MSM around the world in a masterfully developed plan. ( Agenda 2021. Agenda 2030).

  6. The data is now suggesting that Prion disease will be a huge upcoming issue ( 2-3 years) as mis-folded proteins in the brain begin to destroy the human brain of likely 7-10% of the global pop who could manifest as zoombies. If another pandemic is created with more of this lab material is ( air) dropped after being perfected...make that figure closer to 100%.

  7. The data is now suggesting that shedding from the 'vaxxxd' to the "unvaxx'd' is real.

  8. Vaccinated mothers will be producing j'ust what' make up genetically now in/for their child?

  9. Are we one generation away from a 'trans-human"?

  10. Politically we have a President of the USA who cannot complete a sentence and seemingly a justice system that has gone ' insane' all the way to the top. One's s jaw can just stay in the open position at this point in time starting off 2024.

You must ask yourself: Who are these people? How did we get here?

Drop your comments/questions in the box provided at the bottom ( keep going down) and I will respond with what I know and appreciate to date. It is evolving and this energy is staying 'ahead of the chase' at this moment in time.

I have spent the last 4 years figuring out this complex multifaceted 'what type of fingers are in which stew pot ". It also requires the prerequisite of reading history: the likes of William Manchester; Stephen Birmingham, David Talbot. Genghis Khan is not helpful here. The "Temple of Soloman" is.

Now to Karen Kingston's post:

"If we don’t stop the use of mRNA gene-editing nanoparticle injections NOW, our family lineage will end with those who are alive today or born in the next 5 years."


Now that you have read about the family lineage depopulation problem: Here is Bernard Guenther comments on the Divine Plan that is playing itself out. One has to drop the religious beliefs taught to you by your church of choice and go much, much bigger into the holographic phenomenon of All That Is to grasp these concepts. Good to do now before your ego mind gets blown out of the water coming up here soon enough now. The timeline has been moved up due to the work in the inner worlds by those assigned to do so and capable of this work on behalf of humanity and Source.

"There is a Divine plan that is playing itself out across the physical universe – an unfathomable interweaving of events and outcomes that our little egos and our clever minds will never fully grasp. There is also fate and destiny involved based on events and timelines that started eons ago through the span of lifetimes and over dimensions put into action via the immutable universal law of cause and effect. Certain scenarios need to play themselves out – whether that be on a global scale or in relation to our own personal lives. We shape our destiny by responding to these “inputs” and “stimuli” with conscious action. The ego’s subjective view of what the personality thinks is “good” or “bad” in its conditioned, superficial, and oversimplified black-and-white mental perception is not always what the Divine determines from a “supra-mental” vision beyond “good and evil” in the context of the evolution of consciousness. The Divine does not act based on human morality or logic but in accordance with Divine Laws and multi-dimensional Karmic trajectories, collectively and individually, that are beyond the human mind's grasp. Yet, the future is not set in stone. Within this vast realm of cause and effect, paradox and synchronicity, free will, and fate, it is all about aligning oneself with Divine Will. The gateway is the connection to Essence, the true soul being deep within you as a transducer for Divine Will expressing uniquely through you based on your inherent talents and lessons specific to you. It’s the source of your creativity, power, and wisdom. This process will interfere with what your personality thinks it wants with all its programmed desires, identifications, and attachments. The neurotic and wounded ego thinks it is the master in control as if “it” can have anything it wants. It needs to be purified to be a servant and instrument of the Higher Will. This is the process of soul embodiment - to "bring the soul to the front" and take its rightful place in service to the Divine as the human vessel becomes fully spiritualized, transcending death and birth, good and evil. This is the destiny of ALL humans over many, many lifetimes in a "distant future" until the soul is ripe enough to answer the call and engage consciously in the Great Work. Godspeed. Bernhard Guenther. ( Mar 3 2024) "


The New Meme: The CV vaccines don't work and never did: Even Mr. Fauci is covering his ass now, along with Mr. Gates.

But the problem is: 80% of the world's population are left with side effects they are either ignorant of as the mainstream medical community stunningly creates new categories of medical subcategories to also cover their own asses; like -> 'sudden death syndrome" for a myocardial issue created by the 'vaxxx" or Parkinson's disease, etc for an evolving CNS disorder as the nerve sheaths are being slowly destroyed . One could go on ad infinitum.

We are running out of words to react to this...

March 2024

And this: ( March 2024 ): Is it long Covid ore Long Vax? Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik

uh oh....this is really really big: please pay attention to this issue for both the vaxxxd and unvaxxxd.

Mar 2024

Doctors warn mRNA vaccines could spur epidemic of prion brain diseases: March 2024

and this:

Toxicity of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein from the Virus and Produced from COVID-19 mRNA or Adenoviral DNA Vaccines. March 2024

Remarkable!! March 2024 :

CDC Study Confirms COVID Jab Lowers Male Life Expectancy By 24 Years An official new study has confirmed that men who receive the Covid vaccine will tragically suffer a 24-year loss in their life expectancy.

Beating Brain Cancer with Repurposed Drugs:

The Danger of Masking: March 2024 Study: Dr. James D. Hill.

Haiti : Another Victim ( of the Clinton Foundation/ O Team etc.) Helena March 2024

Off Labeling for Covid: Nebraska AG March 2024 re-published by Dr. M. Ness

China Controls America's Drug Supply: McCullough with Rosemary Gibson: March 2024

Transgender theme so prevalent now: 2024:

And now to this topic: IMV this 'transgender' dynamic was planned to contribute to the 'depopulation' agenda coupled with the CV19 "Vaxxx", and is creating a backlash against all of the rights the gay community toiled to earn since the early 90's and late 80's. I am not suggested there is no such thing as 'transgendered". There is. But it certainly does not look like this.

And the stupidity of allowing drag queens (in my long experience- who are primarily straight men who love to dress as women ) into classrooms of the very young 'to show off their stuff" is reprehensible, IMV.

What in the hell are these parents and teachers thinking?


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