Stunning sudden deaths among the Young.

Updated: Aug 4

It's time to start looking at this-> since MSM is choosing to bury what's actually happening. I used to be an ardent fan of the NYT's..but now I only see darkness there. The Epoch Times has become my newspaper of choice. Is this a worldwide genocide as some are coming to either believe or suspect?

Is the mRna 'jab' a deadly bioweapon all under the umbrella of Bill Gates and Karl Schwab of the WEF the circulatory system in either a fast 'one off' after receiving this shot ? or a slower micro and macro blood clotting death? Have the doctors such as Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory been correct all along and yet their information and expertise suppressed? I have provided multiple links on their work and more in other posts. Now we start looking at folks who suddenly are having heart attacks that are blowing away normal data, as well as what the insurance industry is seeing that scares those people to death.

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DALLAS, TX – An American Airlines Pilot, Robert Snow, was in the cockpit of a plane that had just landed on Thursday when his heart stopped due to what was described as “severe post-vaccination cardiac arrest,” according to reports.

Snow was operating Airbus 321 and suffered the incident just six minutes after the plane touched down, narrowly avoiding a potential catastrophe that endangered his life as well as the 200 other people on board.

Young swimmer Mariasofia Paparo dead from a heart attack

A young fit 27-year-old swimmer in Italy has died suddenly following a massive heart attack. Italian swimmer Mariasofia Paparo was just about to celebrate her 28th birthday.....

A quote from Clif High on his Telegram channel this am: the 16th April. Clif is the master of predictive linguistics. To wit:

"We are becoming aware that we are in the Great Die Off. There is a 31% increase in strokes & heart attacks in Berlin. Ambulances in AU are having to sustain people in the vehicle for over 8 hours due to so many strokes & heart attacks. Death Rates among Millennials here in USA are up 45% so far this year. The stats have more Millennial people injured so far by vaxx than the boomed had wounded in Viet Nam. It will get a lot worse by the end of Summer. This will be a devastating Summer with ambulances seen on Beaches & at Parks & recreation sites as people keel over from these effects."

boy or boy. In my current events stream: there is pinned to the top recommendations of what to do if you took the 'jab' . PS, Disclaimer. I am not a doctor. This is posted by Clif High on his Twitter feed before Twitter threw Clif off once again. GGB

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