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Energy Healing, Quantum Grid Alignment, Fractal Code Repair,

Reconnective Therapy, Geotran, Akashic Records. Reiki Master. Astral Clearing

I have had a number of deepenings in my work over the years, including advances that allow me to work at the master quantum grid level. What this means for you is that my work is effective and  it is not unusual to  attract an energetically enlightened clientele.  I easily work with and assist those individuals who are just initiating their Spiritual path.  My work is in the holographic pattern at the level of Source in conjunction with your  personal 'Body Intelligence' of your Soul and your Spirit in the  past, present and future timelines. I  can energetically repair at the level of the DNA human fractal code, which is an unusual  gift. 

It is my experience as I have been shown that “Consciousness" as we appreciate it,  is a mathematical equation of unqualified brilliance containing dimensions and layers of frequencies, codes and patterns. In the human experience, I find that  as I connect to this level  of dimensions and frequencies  I am  able to clear implants, contracts, programs, genetic line influence, in addition to past life integrations, family structure integrations, trauma release, thought forms, washing the karmic record, etcetera.

I connect to this frequency of what we have come to appreciate as ‘Source’  for your individual healing, which by it's own innate intelligence takes  into account where you find yourself on your path at this very moment in time for the energy and healing your 'bodies' are able to absorb for each healing experience. Each forward healing experience builds upon the clearing of the  past healing. It can be that one healing session is sufficient. 

I am also finding that as the 'veils' are dropping, we are confronted with more and more influences from realities other than our own that demand clearing. The capacity to exercise this ability well is 'healer dependent ' on the capacity, training, and understanding  of the individual healer. 


It is a very profound experience  on many  levels. As one's  'inner mind' catches up to the healing within what can be  a short period of time, the client feedback is that their life experience is often very different than heretofore. 


"The Course of My Life" is seen by clicking on that tab at the top of this page for a synopsis of my training. On the Spiritual path of Light, one can be dramatically challenged  to master  each step forward to expand one's capacity to work in this field.  Thus far, I have passed all of those difficult transformative tests. 

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