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"I'm Spiritual, Dammit" with Jenniffer Weigel and Gigi Belser

Jen Weigel and I did this interview in 2018. A friend sent it to me today and I listened again. It’s a good interview by Jen, and I felt that many comments that were made are pertinent to today’s time as well and might be helpful for some to listen.


Best, Gigi 

Listen Here:



“ This is a marvelous and informative interview that Tom Montalk posted on Twitter. Worth your time if you are into learning about the spiritual aspects of life from the Rosicrucian perspective which IMV , is applicable across the board.” 
See 2 hour 10 minute mark re: the Ahriman influence happening today that we are currently at a loss to effectively deal with.
- Gigi 


Need a laugh?  Click below:



Time Restricted Eating or periodic daily fasts. Fasting has a profound effect on promoting immune system homeostasis, partly by stimulating the removal of damaged cells and mitochondria and clearing misfolded and foreign proteins. Intermittent fasting likely has an important role in promoting the breakdown and elimination of the spike protein. Fasting is contraindicated in patients under 18 (impairs growth) and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Patients with diabetes, as well as those with serious underlying medical conditions, should consult their primary care provider prior to fasting, as changes in their medications may be required and these patients require close monitoring.

Ivermectin — 0.2 to 0.3 mg/kg, daily for up to 4 to 6 weeks. Ivermectin has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It also binds to the spike protein, aiding in the elimination by the host. It is likely that ivermectin and intermittent fasting act synergistically to rid the body of the spike protein.

Ivermectin is best taken with or just following a meal for greater absorption. A trial of ivermectin should be considered as first line therapy. It appears that patients can be grouped into two categories: i) ivermectin responders and ii) ivermectin nonresponders.

This distinction is important, as the latter are more difficult to treat and require more aggressive therapy. Due to the possible drug interaction between quercetin and ivermectin, these drugs should not be taken simultaneously (i.e., should be staggered morning and night).

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) — Begin with 1 mg/day and increase to 4.5 mg/day, as required. May take 2 to 3 months to see full effect. LDN has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuromodulating properties.

Melatonin — 2 to 6 mg slow release/extended release prior to bedtime. Melatonin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is a powerful regulator of mitochondrial function. The dose should be started at 750 mcg (μg) to 1 mg at night and increased as tolerated. Patients who are slow metabolizers may have very unpleasant and vivid dreams with higher doses.

Aspirin — 81 mg/day. (Please note: I do not agree with the routine use of aspirin, and recommend proteolytic enzymes such as lumbrokinase and serrapeptase on an empty stomach instead. Both serve to digest unwanted proteins in your blood, like blood clots.

They also help combat inflammation and rebalance your immune system, facilitating the removal of inflammatory proteins, removing fibrin — a clotting material that restricts blood flow and prolongs inflammation — reducing edema in inflamed regions, and boosting the potency of macrophages and killer cells.)

Vitamin C — 1000 mg orally three to four times a day. Vitamin C has important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-enhancing properties, including increased synthesis of type I interferons. Avoid in patients with a history of kidney stones. Oral Vitamin C helps promote growth of protective bacterial populations in the microbiome.

It is important to note that these high doses are a pharmaceutical application of vitamin C and NOT recommended for daily use. It is far better to use whole food vitamin C and not ascorbic acid for daily use. I actually will be speaking with Dr. Marik and Korey September 9 and 10 at a vitamin C conference11 in Clearwater, Florida. If you come to the event you will be able to meet me personally there.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 — A dose of 4,000 to 5,000 units/day of vitamin D, together with vitamin K2 100 mcg/day is a reasonable starting dose. The dose of Vitamin D should be adjusted according to the baseline vitamin D level.

Quercetin — 250 to 500 mg/day (or mixed flavonoids). Flavonoids have broad spectrum anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit mast cells, and have been demonstrated to reduce neuroinflammation.

Due to a possible drug interaction between quercetin and ivermectin, these drugs should not be taken simultaneously (i.e., should be staggered morning and night). The use of quercetin has rarely been associated with hypothyroidism.

The clinical impact of this association may be limited to those individuals with preexistent thyroid disease or those with subclinical thyroidism. Quercetin should be used with caution in patients with hypothyroidism and TSH levels should be monitored.

Nigella Sativa — 200 to 500 mg twice daily. It should be noted that thymoquinone (the active ingredient of Nigella sativa) decreases the absorption of cyclosporine and phenytoin. Patients taking these drugs should, therefore, avoid taking Nigella sativa. Furthermore, two cases of serotonin syndrome have been reported in patients taking Nigella sativa who underwent general anesthesia (probable interaction with opiates).

Probiotics/prebiotics — Patients with post-vaccine syndrome classically have a severe dysbiosis with loss of Bifidobacterium. Kefir is a highly recommended nutritional supplement high in probiotics.

Magnesium — 500 mg/day.

Omega-3 fatty acids — DHA/EPA 4 g/day. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the resolution of inflammation by inducing resolvin production.

FLCCC Second Line Therapies for Vaccine Injury

Adjunctive and/or second line therapies in the FLCCC's vaccine injury protocol are:

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — 200 mg twice daily for 1–2 weeks, then reduce as tolerated to 200 mg/day. HCQ is the preferred second line agent.

HCQ is a potent immunomodulating agent, and is considered the drug of choice for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), where it has been demonstrated to reduce mortality from this disease. Thus, in patients with positive autoantibodies or where autoimmunity is suspected to be a prominent underlying mechanism, HCQ should be considered earlier.


Further, it should be noted that SLE and post-vaccine syndrome have many features in common. HCQ is safe in pregnancy; indeed, this drug has been used to treat preeclampsia. With long term usage, the dose should be reduced (100 or 150 mg/day) in patients weighing less than 61 kg (135 lbs).


Intravenous vitamin C — 25 g weekly, together with oral Vitamin C 1000 mg (1 gram) 2–3 times per day. High dose IV vitamin C is "caustic" to the veins and should be given slowly over 2–4 hours.


Furthermore, to assess patient tolerability the initial dose should be between 7.5–15 g. Total daily doses of 8–12 g have been well-tolerated, however chronic high doses have been associated with the development of kidney stones, so the duration of therapy should be limited. Wean IV vitamin C as tolerated.


Non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) — NIBS using transcranial direct current stimulation or transcranial magnetic stimulation has been demonstrated to improve cognitive function in patients with long COVID as well as other neurological diseases. NIBS is painless, extremely safe, and easy to administer. It is a recognized therapy offered by many Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers. Patients may also purchase an FDA-approved device for home use.


Fluvoxamine — Start on a low dose of 12.5 mg/day and increase slowly as tolerated.


"Mitochondrial energy optimizer" with pyrroloquinoline quinone (e.g., Life Extension Energy Optimizer or ATP 360®).


N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) — 600–1500 mg/day.


Low dose corticosteroid — 10–15 mg/day prednisone for three weeks. Taper to 10 mg/day and then 5 mg/day, as tolerated.


Behavioral modification, mindfulness therapy, and psychological support — May help improve patient's overall well-being and mental health. Suicide is a real problem in the vaccine-injured patient. Support groups and consultation with mental health professionals are important.


Tai Chi and Yoga — Tai Chi, a health-promoting form of traditional Chinese martial art, has shown to be beneficial for preventing and treating diseases including long COVID. Yoga has immunomodulating properties that may be beneficial in vaccine-injured patients.


It should be noted that long COVID is characterized by severe post-exertional fatigue and/or worsening of symptoms, therefore patients should be counseled to moderate exertion, increasing slowly only as tolerated.


Examples of third line therapies and other potential remedies include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whole body vibration therapy, cold hydrotherapy, nutraceuticals such as dandelion and broccoli sprout powder and carbon 60 (C60 fullerenes). For the full list, see the I-RECOVER Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol12 available on



Drugs that work and don't work

Ivermectin Body Weight Conversion Chart



If and or when: Monkeypox * which appears to be another ‘gain of function’ prepared ‘virus’* drops in your locale:


Play this sound 3 times a day. It is a very powerful homeopathic and not to be underestimated. Thought many baby boomers were vaccinated against smallpox- there is no guarantee that will protect one against bio-lab weapons. We are in a war if you have not gathered that to date. 


These were prepared at my request by a professional team as a gift to all.




Small Pox


Monkey Pox


Combo Ivermetion and HCQ


For Dogs



I am posting this letter to Current Events as I am struggling to imagine someone so intertwined with nature, IMV,  to be so very wrong.


People are confusing Covid with past plagues. Covid is not a plague and the ‘jab’ is not the cure.


We are in WW111 with China and “Mr. Global”.


The sooner folks appreciate this the better.


The “Vaxxx” is a bioweapon designed to destroy your immune system and your cardiovascular system.


AIDS was the trial run in the 80’s and 90’s. Did you notice a ‘vaccine’ developed for AIDS?


No you did not. It is not possible to develop a “ Vaccine” for a virus manipulated by ‘ gain of function ‘ in a lab for the human body. 


Nature actually knows this and came to me in the 90’s when I was working with AIDS clientele hands on.  Nature showed me that Nature was attempting to assist if at all possible given what MAN had done. In the end, Nature could not assist with a lab produced product altering DNA. Think Fauci/Gallo at the time. 


The attitude and belief system that the likes of Machele Wright espouses will lead to thousands of deaths and an early unnecessary demise.


This event is also an enterprise of an A.I. advanced off planet desire for a transhumance population. 


At this rate….those who actually live through this experience of receiving this ‘jab’ have also disconnected their Soul Connection to Source that exists in the R hand side of the brain. Then there is the continuing gift of  ’sponge brain’ developing in the ‘vaxxxed’.  Sponge brain:


Woe be to these millions of folks under a form of A.I. Mind Control…also brought to humans through organizations like DARPA.


Wake up people ! Your life depends on it.




PS…I have studied this work for years and I am quite familiar with the Microbial Balancing Program Machele Wright offers along with her other work. It’s good work. 


Her post here is terribly misguided IMV. 



Important Read

Comprehensive document regarding Covid 19 and Vaxx the purpose they serve for the elite in America and globally. 



Dr. Stella Emmanual (my first choice is this one)

America's Frontline Doctors


A Warning




Mind Control Madness In The Last Days


thumbnail (2).jpeg


Understanding the Trump Impeachment

Whenever I travel across this amazing country with my dogs, I stay at ‘Best Western” hotel type chains who love animals and have washing machines. As was the case when I was in sales, I ask those guys who are living at these various hotel chains in short extended stays away from home for work what they are thinking and feeling. I was surprised...there are a lot of construction guys working in this manner now across the country. One set up a barbecue outside his door every night to make his dinner. This is not my life, but I sure need to understand this dynamic in America today. I think we all do.


This last summer was great. I kept hearing..’Well, you know, I am one of the “Deplorables” and I love Donald Trump. He is going to bring jobs back to America”. The nicest guys-who would help me fill up my depleted oil tank so I hit the right container in my engine. I drive a very old Beemer to feel I am avoiding satellite detection on the highway. A joke- I know. But I love my car and feel she does the best she can for me with all of her parts wearing down.


Having spent time in Washington D.C. at some very upscale parties...I am assured of the bubble that the social circles live in: the ones that the politicians, the press, and the movers and shakers live in . Hubris and arrogance abounds: unacknowledged and unrecognized. Such a contrast to ‘fly over America”. And the two shall likely never met one another in any recognizable language.


So it is amazing to the Washington scene to have a usurper come to town and interrupt the sure step of the social and political class. The confidence of their social currency knows no bounds. Literally-none. I was raised in it, so I appreciate the power it brings: personally and collectively. They want this guy out. He doesn’t speak the language. 

But this time there has been an unacknowledged overstep of that power...that particular hubris...that particular arrogance. It blinds one.


We are smack dap in the middle of the Fourth Turn. To remind one: it is the ultimate transformation of all that is. And Donald Trump is the ‘gray champion’ of this Fourth Turning.


I pay attention to a good remote viewer, Dick Allgire, and about 3 good astrologers in addition to my own ‘knowings’ that come. And they all suggest the following: 

January 2020. The balance of 2020.


All hell is going to break loose. The shock factors could level you. This impeachment has already hit many resulting in a heavy, heavy heart.


I say this to remind you to stay grounded. Some minds could well be splitting at the news that will be, by all reckonings, coming out regarding the deep corruption in our nation state that has been building since the creation of the CIA and before that the creation of the Federal Reserve (which is not a government entity, btw). 

And it is as it should be.

We can no longer continue with the deep global corruption running like a horse untethered.


Stand Tall. Stand your ground. Don’t get lost in your neighbor’s own hubris.






With a lot of bad reporting out there, below are some links to help you understand what is really going on with the Trump impeachment.


…….Has suggested that ’this very important letter” be disseminated to the extent possible…While I am not a fan of the Saker…but many are and he does make good points. Even Catherine Austin Fitts quotes 'The Saker' now, which I find interesting that he has arrived to her doorstep. I don’t agree that Dt is ’stupid’ and I dislike those general ’throw it against the wall’ statements that I feel continue to underestimate Dt.  That being said: here is this: 


"Saker commentary: this is not about picking sides, the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.  However, as Malcolm X once said, “I am for the truth no matter who tells it”.  There are lies in this text, beginning with entire section about how great the US is doing.  As for the segment about Israel, I just wonder what color Trump’s tongue is by now.  Whatever color, it is kosher for sure.

But that is not the point.

It is in his accusations against Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of them that Trump is 100% right.  And that is much more important than his bombastic flag-waving and lies.  Besides, he clearly did not write this text anyway, it is way too good and he is way too stupid.  But I am pretty sure that he carefully read it and approved it.  So this is not only an official document, it is a historical one!

Request to all: if you see any US media posting the full letter, please let me know in the comments section.  I have not listened to the US media in years, and I don’t want to, so I really don’t know.  And in this case, I really would like to know who many US media outlets have refused to post the full text of such an important statement by the US President.

Circulate this letter amongst your friends and contacts!  It is crucial to show the true face of these Dems (not including Tulsi Gabbard) and to prevent them from succeeding.  They are the only party right now whose arrival to power could signal a possible war between Russia and the US.  We all have to do all we can to prevent that.”

(bolding mine).


The Power of Two

Last night my pal Ken and I were working on a client who is ex military of note in his career. Very difficult physical issues and 3 of us have been working on him for some months. He is quite psychic so that is very helpful to his healing process. He and I have shared past lives together. 


Here is what I saw: He was locked into a vibrational ring  set up by USA Intel 12 years ago along with 11 other military personnel who were doing significant work for our country. The vibration presented as pure white light. Too white - so I went behind it.


There is was: powerfully nailing his sinus region. Took me a few minutes to enter the space in the holographic pattern- at which point the vibrational energetic ray was dismantled.  The energy  was returned to the set up to self implode. 


Ken validates as I go so no ’strings’ are left hanging and/or initiates a comment or thought form for an ‘aha’ moment to run with. The power of 2. I am very appreciative. Each healer has their own doorway. 


It’s all peeling layers back from the onion, and this is one more layer for this client. 


You can’t make this stuff up.


Current Political State

By Christine of

"Whoo doggies!   We are certainly getting into the thick of it now.


I'm just surfing the tides, noticing as I move around the house that hubby is getting exhausted with the media, since today's testimony is driving home the cognitive dissonance.  From where we butters stand here among the Fearless Futurists, we have been trying to get our minds around the scale of this crack in the world for decades already, even before we all found our way here. It has been a painful trek and we have lost some members along the way due to their inability to get past the "orange mad bad" problem.  So we have to know, for our "true believer" friends and their immersion in industrial-strength meemeering, they must be just turning off their data feeds by the millions and looking for some other distraction while their hearts quietly break and their minds bend. How could this be? that's not what they told us before!


I can imagine we are going to be seeing the 5 stages of grief playing out in the national dialogue, as the consequences of this IG report trickle in and clash against the impeachment charade.  The way the story is turning out shows the muggles that their talking heads have been lying to them on all kinds of fronts. These results (both the impeachment, and the IG report) can't possibly live up to what they have been trained to expect all this time. Meanwhile, some of the players in this drama don't have any more wiggle room. Everybody is laid out on the black velvet butterfly box, pinned in a museum display for posterity. Alternative timelines will be collapsing into the only possible outcome...  the few salient facts that are left after the pressure-washer of these investigations have stripped away all the different contending story lines. 


Adam Schiff is outed as a serial liar at minimum and a desperate criminal more likely.

Nadler is also an unbelievable piece of work, a Lewis Carrol character, a joke on himself if he wasn't so twisted. 

All the trigger-happy media have their naked butts hanging out ready for their long-deserved whipping.

Devon Nunes is fully vindicated, the tables have entirely turned in that department.

When will the crowds start turning on Nancy Pelosi, as her rhetoric is being shredded hour to hour? 


We are getting close to the time Clif mentioned, when these people can't walk down the street or leave their homes because everybody is yelling and throwing things wherever they appear.


Here begins the political bombogenesis of the Pluto-Saturn-in-Capricorn season, and we will all learn a lot watching these monsters and jedi contend.  


Maybe I should say 'monstrous jedi', because all the players are ambiguous as heck, even the good guys are bad guys. The contenders have constellated at the shredding edge of our collective reality-formation.


Notice how the Don is starting to be portrayed in the media lately, his image is coalescing in the mass mind -- he's being shown more as the strong father figure, less the effete younger son, the poser, the fool.


I have a feeling that he's the type of person who is under-stimulated and self-scattering unless there's a howling emergency going on, at which point he can concentrate on the bull's eye perfectly. Being in the job of the presidency with that popcorn-popper brain of his is probably just about right for him.  I'm sure it has taken incredible labor and team effort to raise up the straight shooters among the military and the Agencies and the various back halls of government to make these current investigations possible. He and his crew  must have started towards this day at least as early as all this sp gate nonsense started, 2015 or something.  If Trump has his own intelligence agency as we sometimes hear, then we just have to be glad that he and his fellow monsters have decided to return America to it's people's hands, when we know perfectly well they have the ways and means to stage a hostile coup and make him Emperor.    (I know some people think that's in the works, but I don't think it'll roll like that...)


In my own heart I want to think that we have a team of white hats who are saving the world. But I'm equally sure there are people we want to see as the "good guys" who are going to be outed and have blood money in their accounts, is things unzip as far as they should. Maybe Barr and Durham and Trump and whoever else are hoping against hope that saving the nation will win back their souls for the bad things they have done in this life. There has to be a bunch of karma pushing and pulling each one of the players, wherever they show up in the action. We are all chess pieces for God!


Plus, notice the headline at ZeroHedge about all the CEO's and captains of industry who are bailing out and choosing to "spend more time with their families" or whatever. Clif reminded us to keep track of the revolving door of figureheads, and I was quite amazed to see the main actors in our spy gate drama getting jobs with the MSM!  Right on cue."


Hillary Clinton


Finally someone has the nerve to call out Hillary Clinton. In my work, she is seen as a Goddess of the Underworld. And is perfectly capable of employing her ‘troops' to put hexes on the voting public. I actually found one right before the 2016 election on women in America and I worked to drop it by eliminating the codes that were used. I noticed also how many WICCA and witchcraft circles openly went to work supporting her using their craft. That’s what Black Magicians do. Rather stunning on the face of it. One hopes her day in court will come for the abuses and corruption that has been employed. And further, that the American public will start to come out of their trance and entrainment.



By Christine of


"Won't this provide another strong distraction, if it's true?


Clinton Donors Charged in Massive Campaign-finance Scheme


Here it is at but the reporting comes from the National Review. Not a lightweight source. It's got a pedo angle too.


This seems to be another incidence of the fallout from our spy vs spy vs spy games which are finally coming to a point. Pretty much from now on, until the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn culminates in the second week of January, we are winding up to a big bang, and then it will all have to be unwound and cleaned up after on the other side of that date.


We must also remember that, like Clif's reports, we might not see the penny drop on the very day, but we will indeed feel the ripples as the tsunami reaches the media. 


Also, let's not even delude ourselves by a single iota. Every ugly spoke that we have catalogued in all these different threads will be fitted into the hub, the outer rim will be installed, and this sucker will be rolling.  I try not to predict too much, but I'm feeling pretty solid that the current administration started into this operation a decade before The Don threw his hat in the ring to run in 2016. I truly don't think that he would have bothered to interrupt his lovely life if he didn't have some sense of mission or destiny about him. HIs chutzpah might have come from being the 2nd son in a screwed-up mafia family, it might be all the compound neurosis of being generally unloved all his life but forcing the world to pay him lots of money anyway, but I think the result of him having that past gives us a president who is doing what he's doing for a transcendent motive. Nobody can shame him, because his dirty linen is flying high and proud all over his rigging!  He's a velvet pirate, a old plated buccaneer, gangster's moll at his side.


I also feel that the zeitgeist, the "oversoul" if you will, will use him like a rag doll when the X hits the YZ, and he knows it. He's volunteering for it. He's contending at the King level, that is his plan. Come and get me! he says, and then gives them all a run for their money. 


He has to have the heart of Samson, someone who is at peace with his own sins, and who has skirted around the edges of the worst of everybody else's bad behavior. Among the people who can do whatever they want, some do, but then they can't go on to do something as public as become President of the USA.  You really have to have something going for you to become President, it really isn't an accident or a crapshoot.  If Trump's life is "clean" enough for him to deal with the exposure 24/7 on him and his whole family and staff, (they have pulled it off so far, even the pinup girl wife) then he can drag others out of the shadows and challenge them to account for their parts in the overall drama, the world as we find it. People, agencies, nations, commissions, treaties, it's all up for grabs. 


Really, really interesting!"



The earth was 37 miles off of true North. It was corrected three days ago. Let's see if the planet calms down now on climate change.

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