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Higher  Frequency Practitioner – 

Reconnective Therapy.

​Advanced Intuitive Holographic Healing Process: Amita

Teacher and Mentor.

Geotran-Levels 1-5. Kimberly and Daniel

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Applied Kinesiology: Jean Rampage, Teacher


Akashic Records, beginner course. Linda Howe, Teacher

Reiki Master

Self Taught in basic Homeopathy, Essential Oils and Tuning forks. 


Classes and workshops:

Barbara Ann Brennan Chicago workshops

Dr. David Hawkins. Chicago workshops.

Basic Cranial Sacral and William Reich Somatic Training. Michael Shea, Teacher

Carolyn Myss Chicago workshops.

Tom Kenyon: by invitation to Provence, France for Magdalene work by the Magdalene energy; Various workshops on Orcas Island and in Seattle, Washington.

Stuart Wilde: Amsterdam, British Columbia, London, Equador. Teachings from Mr. Wilde, including Ayahuascha journeys in Equador and outside of London. 

8 year solo experience withdrawing for study of and in the inner worlds, 
which included hiking this part of the Grand Canyon as seen in these pictures. 
Shadow work and passing challenging life or death tests to experience and appreciate both the shadow and the light of this reality. 
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