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William Zoll Why is this thread important? He does his homework exceedingly well.

Updated: Feb 2

This is an extremely important post by Mr. Zoll!! A must read...: Jan 26 2024


1871 by William Zoll:

Much has been attributed to the walk with Trump and Queen Elizabeth where she indicated by a subtle wave he go first before her traditional walk before her guards. Did Trump demand Britain relinquish their financial control of America and bring the receipts?

Part 1: The City of London Corporation

"What has this got to do with America? To begin to answer this, we must recall that President Trump once mused, “we are at war with a horrible, invisible enemy.”......

To Be Mr Zoll posts, those will be added to this thread.

Part 2 , 3, 4 :

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4:


1871 august 19 2-23 Orange Londonia

( See also Tom Luongo's theory about why Jerome Powell is really raising interest rates to such high levels: To take out the Euro and sever this connection to the City of London, as a long time loyal Virginian).


"Follow the Money: PART 2

posted also for posterity...Sept 2023. GGB


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