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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

This is probably one of the more well written and moving letters I have read...and states in realistic terms the threat before us. Few realize that we are in WW111 ....with the Globalists (think Davos) and the Chinese. A takeover of America is unthinkable..but we are at the razor's edge. I cannot imagine not winning: which would be due to many a courageous American as well as those around the world who are standing up. I can no longer personally respect those who duck, or suggest to me that they have a "child to protect" (fill in the blank here) so they will not use their voice or position. If China, who is ruthless at the CCP level, takes us over, you can kiss those kids of yours goodbye. We all can. They have no heart. Did anyone watch the video of the Chinese grabbing the college students off the campus there and loading them into buses, not to be heard from again? I had a vision perhaps 20 years ago of a plane with Chinese markings flying over NYC. I could not imagine. I could not imagine as well how they could traverse the flight time either. Today I can see it easily happening. People had best wake up...there is no time left to wallow in self righteousness and arrogance. This is truly the time when the meek will in fact inherit the earth....the working class sees what is going on and is conscious...those folks who make the wheels of life turn for those who sit behind the office chairs in glass buildings - feeling invulnerable.

Good luck to those of you who do so......the grim reaper comes calling all too soon in the name of the needle that some actually paid thousands of dollars to jump the line. I give you James Kullander:

By James Kullander

September 22, 2021

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