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Aya Journey and the 'Hell Worlds' Here

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When I was on Aya journeys on one event - Grandmother Snake showed me that not one person I knew in my personal rolodex of immediate family and immediate friends that Aya choose to highlight - save my daughter and me- walked in Light. Not a one! Including my mother.

The faces were flashed in quick succession in the lower worlds in which all of these people were living their spiritual lives. Some are big 'names in 3D. I was shocked - so much so that I had overstayed my welcome and the gate the shaman had opened for me locked me in- which is another story on getting out with the assistance of my own teacher. I had asked Aya directly as she was showing me just how those individuals actually looked to Spirit- their real faces-and then I asked her about myself and about my child about whether we were resonating in Light. Had I a different answer I would have done anything to change it. I was concentrating so hard the gate locked! Time was up.

The reason I did this… that my mother wore distinctive glasses unique to her. I saw her there in the vision presented by Aya in the 'now' at the time..and then the same vision in a coffin. It was quite real. In the Aya 'sharing' time the next evening after a journey, I related m story and Stuart Wilde suggested I go get her. That would never have occurred to me. So, I did. I knew that I had to go retrieve my mom and keep her out then until she transitioned. She was in her mid eighties at the time and lived to be 89. As I did so, I passed by Osiris, the God of the Underworld, on the way to her soul place in the hell worlds. Big surprise to me to see him sitting in a chair about 15 feet high looking dead on straight ahead.

I was then 'informed' that I may never do this for another. An exception had been made for her.

As it turned out and I later learned, I was able to use my own "Grace" account on her behalf. She then made it through the frequencies back to Source after her death. At her death, I saw her hospice room turn completely into purple light, and then I saw a door closed brimming with light coming out at all of the sides of the door at the entrance to the heavenly realms. I utilized an exercise I had learned from Dannion Brinkley at one of his workshops here to know how to connect with one in a coma. So my mother is no longer available to me here in 3D, through the use of a Medium for instance, as she is with Source.

This aya experience showed me that one person resonating in heart frequency covers off on hundreds of thousands here and for me validates Dr. David Hawkins work, starting with Power Vs Force.

Also just know this: No one should assume that you are an 'ordinary' human or that someone you meet who is a panhandler is an 'ordinary run' of the mill human. They could be one of the special ones operating in pure heart frequency here to assist.

Computers have programs now that can check one's personal vibration level. There is a M.D/healer here in Chicago who has Hawkins program on her computer, and further she is now working directly with MIT on this stuff. Very cool. It is how I knew 'who' my kid was in a session with her when she simply turned her computer about for me to see. "Ahhhh".

We must get there each of destroy the dark here. We must resonate in heart. But the thing is- it comes to do not go to it. How that gets determined is beyond my skill set. When your own personal frequency becomes evolved to resonate out to others, it can make all of the difference in the world. A very good reason to hit the path running and never look back.

-GGB 9.14.2019

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