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"BLOWBACK --2024"

Finally. Finally. Finally. It's happening.

Pfizer is being sued by Jeff Childers of 'Coffee and Covid' fame.

Biden makes such a serious mistake in setting up a debate with Donald Trump..( Or, was he set up by his own?)..his wife now being justifiably accused of :'Elder Abuse'...but then one would also have to include his entire cabinet and mainstream press corps. This was news to: just whom?

Biden digs in:

CNN Chief Correspondent Says Dems Urging White House To Ask Biden To Step Down After Shocking Debate Performance

Naomi Wolf: " Worst Debate Ever"

We are left with "Mike" ?" Michele"? "transgendered?" O, Killary and Newson.

•An outrageous national American debt with the threat of hyperinflation moving into a greater depression.

•The threat of another bioweapon dropping on the global population


Putin warning 'bird flu' to drop to disrupt the 2024 election:

•Enormous child trafficking and pedophilia.

•WW111- that we are already in-> with the use of bioweapons front and center side by side with Russia running ahead of the US with hypersonic weaponry while the US military has reportedly become subpar in readiness.

•The threat of a compromised food supply.

•The Threat to free speech.

• The Threat of a digitized, controlled personal life.

God help us. ( the thing is- we have to help ourselves here) . Everyday Americans / Europeans/ Africans will save the day.

Such a disconnect at the top echelons with folks on the street.

Thank you Twitter, SubStack, The Epoch Times, Tom Luongo, Naomi Wolf, and many, many other individuals showing great personal courage.

Clif High's predictive linguistics showed years ago a major company with a blue/white logo going bankrupt . I think now we can take it to the bank that it will be Pfizer.


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