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Clif High.......A "Master in Predictive Linquistics" Latest podcasts on bottom and where to find:

Updated: Feb 29

Letters from Clif to Wash. State Legislators regarding their upcoming fates: 2023

"March 27, 2023


The Stench of the WEF moves the Herd!

Legislator! Are you seeing it?! Or are your handlers keeping you ignorant?!

Humanity has turned! The battle against the mother WEFfers is shifting into the active phase! There are riots in countries all around the world! France is in flames! It is mere weeks before Macron is gone, and the contagion spreads to Canada!

These mother WEFfers, like Trudeau, can’t walk down the street now for fear of being pelted with eggs! The People are aware! Soon it will be ROCKS! The People hate the mother WEF & ALL it’s members! The people recognize the #5GUW waged upon them by the WEF, and now Engagement is coming!

The 5th generation unrestricted war is moving into the awareness of the American People. It is the conditions propelled by the Death of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN aka “the dollar”) that is driving all the human reactions. The reactions of social degradation ARE HERE NOW, and will be very much worse by Summer!

All because the mother WEFfers wanted their ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Green New Deal’, which have FAILED! Yes, the 5GUW is breaking out into the open, and the mother WEF is doomed!

As the People see, do you really think they will FOLLOW WEF PLANS?

15 minute cities? The People see these are the new ‘concentration camps’.

Vaccinations? Of any kind? For any supposed illness? The People see the #deathshots disguised by propaganda!

Before Summer, Ukraine will FALL! Yes, the WEF war against Russian people is LOST!

In Summer, the 5GUWar will be out in the open here in the USA. There will be battles between CCP infiltrators, organized, and armed, in many of These United States.............( there is more here:GGB)


'MASS'....Terrific! 3.13.2023

( Scroll down for "more clif" )

March 3 2023 :" The Width of a Thought"

# 3.

#5 Jan 29 2022

#6 Feb 4 2022

#7 Feb 6 2022

#9 Feb 16 2022

#11 Feb 20, 2022

Read these posts Clif is doing on

March 10 2023 -" The Ugly Bank "..

Twitter by Clif High:

"My efforts with… are working. i have now gotten WA State leg people to respond. They are worried. This is the first step to changing their behavior. Try this in your state. Get email lists & help out your legislators (all of them) with your WOO knowledge."

Jan 27th. Start at 20 minute mark. Do not miss what Clif has to say towards the end ..fab fab fab!!

Feb 19 2022


"The 19th of February starts us off on a rising ‘intensity’ value forecast in my emotional reduction engine algorithms. The numeric values and their growth patterns are suggesting this process of intense transformation will be neither short, nor shallow, and though intense, it will also be deeply churning of Humanity at our collective core."

Feb 21 2022

Capital Conundrum, or Don't make the Chinese kids nervous...

Oops....Trudeau did not think this through. Will Biden ( can he?)

BUDO chat on BitChute 2.25.2022 Excellent IMV.

Clif's "Pure Sleep" product is a gift from heaven IMV. Generally sold out as soon as he gets inventory back in

PURE SLEEP. explanation , and IT IS AMAZING!

Revision of Religious Thought Coming? posted by Clif High "Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods Podcast Eps 22 – Mauro Biglino. Join Erich von Daniken and Mauro Biglio in this enlightening conversation about Gods of the Bible and new interpretation of ancient texts. About Mauro Biglino: Mauro Biglino is an Italian author, essayist, and translator. Much of his work focuses on the theories concerning the Bible and church history, including conspiracy theories, ufology, and the pseudoscientific hypothesis of ancient astronauts. His work is greatly inspired by fringe theorists Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin. Biglino has also been involved in producing Italian interlinear editions of the Twelve Minor Prophets for Edizioni San Paolo in Cinisello Balsamo, Italy. Official Website - Official YouTube Channel -" Clif High: Faith CLIF HIGH - CURRENT AND FUTURE EVENTS AND HOW TO REACT TO THEM, RELIGION, FAITH AND MORE:

Feb 2024....Well now we find his work from 2005 through 2012 etc manifesting now in this audio: Get ready ( if you have not paid attention heretofore: it's getting very late in the game for the 'greatest wealth transfer' in history) :

"Kondratiev's Revenge" : 35 minutes

Advice to those with their head in the sand...please come up for air....and....

Get your mental and emotional bodies ready if you have not done so to date. Minds will be blown with what is going to come out now and is going to come out. Folks who have lock stepped with MSM and not employed their own 'critical thinking patterns will be , in some cases, literally hysterical.

 I was surprised to see this very behavior of 'mass psychosis' that Dr. Robert Malone speaks to in my own building- particularly from those individuals who survived the AIDS crisis- another bioweapon for which a 'vaccination' cannot be found- > Over the masking issue- given that masks not only do not work, but create another disease within the physical body structure from breathing back in one's own carbon dioxide output: ( see also the posts on the various Vaxxx threads for these studies).

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