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Cures coming out for the effects of the Spike Protein : Vaxxxd or not.

Updated: Mar 11

Let's start here with Dr. Paul Alexanders' post of this morning: Feb 12, 2023. More cures will posted as I have the time to do so. They are out there.

Dr. Ana March 11 2023 Comments and Chelation Therapy

Dr. Peter MCCullough : Nattokinase for breaking down the spike protein in the body. Feb 21 2023

Spike Protein Detoxifier: ( Alexander Covid News on SubStack)

Dr. Vandewater's Spike Protein Recovery Formula: The Wellness Company.

Dr. Stella. Vax Detox:'

THE CURE: Dr. David Nixon podcast with 'maria zeee': 2023

disclaimer. I am not a physician nor a medical practitioner . These folks can be found on SubStack for the most part. Just passing along the information. It appears everyone is affected and the D-Dimer tests are also elevated in the unvaxx'd as being discovered by one courageous physician who is speaking out.

Amazing..stand. your.ground.-> and now this!

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