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Cures coming out for the effects of the Spike Protein : Vaxxxd or not.

Updated: Mar 21

Vit D Levels above 50 ng's per body weight: imperative: get blood tests.

Cure for Myocarditis! March 2024 2nd Smartest Guy in the World:


Feb 28 2024 Emerald Robinson: Tests' suggestions for the Vaxxx'd

Feb 1 2024 Hydrogen Peroxide Dr. Tess Lawrie

See the site for all sorts of help and meds...tests. Dr. McCullough et all.


Why "Methylene Blue". Dec 17 2023

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea

Prion Disease= CV jab. CV Jab= Prion Disease.

"In this follow up article, I want to explain the background information of the association of Covid19 prior infection, the C19 bioweapon shots and the production of amyloid and prions"

Thomas Braun RPH: weighing in here:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea ..finding methylene blue effective against the Nano-bots. Nano- Bots?? you say? Yes...delivered by way of the bioweapon 'vaxxx" your bloodstream. Oops. She now has 40M followers on Twitter. Are nano-bots activated by G5? Read her stuff on Substack.

Just in : Dr. Peter McCullough...Aug 1 2023 : The Wellness Company

"Detox from Spike Proteins: Here’s How in 73 Seconds, Per Dr. Peter McCullough “Look at these cardiac arrests, major blood clots, people going down. It’s because the spike protein is not being cleared out of the body,” remarked Dr. McCullough. He recommended three key supplements to degrade spike proteins and reduce inflammation: 1. Nattokinase - 2000 units twice a day. 2. Bromelain - 500 milligrams once a day. Nattokinase and bromelain “both degrade the spike protein [in] different ways. They accelerate the clearance of it together,” Dr. McCullough added. 3. Curcumin - 500 milligrams twice a day. Reduces inflammation and spike protein damage. (-ggb bold) “All of these are available over the counter,” disclosed. Dr. McCullough. “They are readily available. And I can tell you people ought to get going on this because these syndromes, as we’re finding out, are bad.”

"Treating COVID -19 in 2023 : Dr. Meryl Nass July 2023


Fasting for 48-72 hours detoxes the cells from the spike protein and the immune system reboots:

July 1 2023

The Epoch Times:Ivermectin Studies and CV: Effectiveness:

Effective Mouthwashes: DR. Peter McCullough

How to remove graphine oxicide in the body. 3.31. 2023 Expose News.

Dr. Lee Merritt and Karen Kingston on Parasites and Cancer. March 2023

Dr. Ana March 11 2023 Comments and Chelation Therapy


Dr. Peter McCullough : Nattokinase for breaking down the spike protein in the body. Feb 21 2023

Dr. Vandewater's Spike Protein Recovery Formula: The Wellness Company.

Dr. Stella. Vax Detox:

THE CURE: Dr. David Nixon podcast with 'maria zeee': 2023




disclaimer. I am not a physician nor a medical practitioner . These folks can be found on SubStack for the most part. Just passing along the information. It appears everyone is affected and the D-Dimer tests are also elevated in the unvaxx'd as being discovered by one courageous physician who is speaking out.

Amazing..stand. your.ground.-> and now this!

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