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Hungry Ghost

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Interesting my client used the word 'hunger' as I just now finished working with him and I fed back to him that his soul thread was in a 'hunger' pattern.

His 'hunger' at his soul level was 'who I am?': of essentially lifetimes wandering through the deserts in past lives looking for his 'tribe' as I was being shown. 

I pulled out the AL chip in his brain and removed all accompanying implanted thought forms from that software implant. Cleared the Soul cord back to its origin. Connected the Soul/Spirit/Physical bodies. Connected all back to Source. 

Integration now begins for him.... since he is in his early thirties... this will be very prevalent experience for this generation.

Personally, One does not need to battle a 'hungry ghost". It's not your job. I rarely come across 'ghosts' as it is not in my sphere of work. I don't even like the nomenclature. But 'they' can be prevalent in one's body structure. "The Hungry Ghost" is quite real to Native American Indians and is an emotional component rather than a physical phenomenon of picking them up while in a bar.

There are several reasons, IMV, to be aware of the workings of the inner worlds. First and foremost is to realize that influences on your behavior may not be of your own making and having those influences cleared by an energy healer makes for a much easier life. I have become convinced for instance, that suicide is not a natural human response, but one influenced and directed by the astral world for a soul steal.

In another healing that took place recently, this happened on what started out to be a casual phone call:

A peer calls with a pounding headache, so I look. I then stated: " I am so glad you asked this question".

Black Magicians have a rolodex and I happen to be on it. So is this pal. Most light workers are.

I see that on the energetic level there is an attempt to 'stroke him out' by filling his brain with water energetically, creating this enormous pressure of a headache he was complaining about.

As I am removing it... I see an IP address. What is that? Then I look deeper...he has about 5 of them. I remove. Then I realize this is how the Black Magicians's are tracking Light workers. I remove those IP addresses from my peers and from myself. And yes, they are exactly like a computer IP address. Are we in fact living within a computer simulation program, as the movie The Matrix suggested?

Fascinating, eh?


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