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Important Comments by others along this highway in a crazed the moment.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

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The Big Lie by Justin R. Hope. Comprehensive. Excellent Compilation of Events..Jan 2023

2023 Hoover Foundation: " The De-Population Bomb".

Dec 25:2022

Matt Taibbi: Twitter Files: What We've Learned So Far.

Twitter Files Thread: The Spies Who Loved Twitter From FBI to DNI the DNI to "OGA," the full thread on Twitter and its intelligence partners Matt Taibbi

Dec 25 2022

A Comprehensive Review of Judge Thompson's Failure in Courage Capt. Seth Keshel..on the Kari Lake Trial

This video released today March 4 2022 actually brings me to tears, as the consequences have been and are:

unimaginable...and unforgivable...

...A letter to Dr. Andrew Hill from Dr. Tess Lawrie:

" In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organization on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

But on January 18th 2021, Dr Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigour, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion. In the end, Dr Hill advised that “Ivermectin should be validated in larger appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.”

The researcher seeking a global recommendation on Ivermectin had instead recommended against it. What were his reasons for doing so? Were his conclusions justified? Or were external forces influencing his about-face?

One year on, this film recalls exactly what happened from the perspective of somebody that experienced it first hand; Dr Tess Lawrie; also featuring contributions from Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik who worked closely with Dr Hill during the same time frame."

12.24.2022 Catherine Austin Fitts with Greg Hunter:

“It’s called stacking functions, and they stack functions.”

Celia Farber on and comments to this CAF video w/ G Hunter: "New CAF Interview: Trump Was Either Incompetent Or Broke The Law When He Greenlit Operation Warp Speed; On Sovereignty and Escaping "The Great Poisoning,"

Dec 25 2022 "Drugs Drying Up" Michael Yon Warning:

NOTE: Source for Drugs:

Karen Kingston on Greg Hunter: CV19_ A.I. Bioweapon with data. Oct 2022


•Fascinating post re the FBI raid backdrop on Trump's home . Sept 1 2022


Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 11.45.55 AM
Download PNG • 461KB

•August 13 2022: Just like that: It's over. Chris Martenson:

•ZeroHedge: August 7 2022: BLM being Manipulated by the Biden Admin? "Something snaps in the Job Market..."

•Mercola: Mind Controlling Parasites...Fascinating article...Aug 4 2020


•Nanobots in Food Chain: list of Corporations /Products.

•Doctor thrown off Twitter for posting study results of Pfizer "Vaxxx" and Male Sperm" June 24 2022

•Martin Armstrong addressing the heat waves as natural cyclical events. June 17 2022

•Neil Oliver does it again...Where are we now. June 2022

•Dr. David Martin: May 2022...GREAT STUFF HERE:

•Neil Oliver : frogs in the pot. Davos. May 27 2022

•April 27 2022 ..results of 3rd Booster shot: Great Britain.


These are 2 amazing videos: Epoch Times TV...must subscribe or pay, but worth it!

PART 1: Dr. Richard Urso: Alarming Post-Booster Trends and the Censorship of Treatments for COVID-19. April 23 2022

PART 2: Dr. Richard Urso: Big Pharma Makes Billions by Rebranding Existing Drugs as ‘New’ Products

•Letter to the Menticided: A 12-Step Recovery Program

Are You a Victim of Menticide? Look for These 10 Signs! this woman's work! May 11 2022


•CV Vaxx damage body by Steve Kirsch: ( note hepatitis created effects as well) April 24 2022


•April 2022: America in it's Most Dangerous Decade by Dr. Donald Miller ( another student of the 4th Turning, as am I). Excellent Article IMV.

•April 2022 Steve Kirsch to Christi Grimm ( USA Inspector General) :

•EPOCH TIMES April 2022 Covid Vaccines Greatest Fraud in History: Larry Elder and Art Moore.

•Dr Sharry Edwards : Voice Analysis of K. Schwab, Y. Harari of WEF, and others. April 2022

•Klaus Schwab-Darpa-Harvard- Elon Musk: Substack Fritz Freud. April 2022

•Dr.Malone ( et all) outing the WEF: ' April 6 2022

•April 11 2022.. New York and California lockdowns worst. Florida best says study.

•The Department of Defense Just Got Caught Lying About Vaccine Injuries

Whistleblowers claim a DoD database was changed to hide the truth. April 1 2022

•Treatment with Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality in COVID-19 Patients: Analysis of a National Federated Database: March 2022

•and now here: March 15 2022:

•Preventive Nasal Spray to Protect from Covid 19 Feb 19 2022

"Using 0.6% PVP-I Oro-nasal spray is low cost, safe and effective against coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. It can be used both in healthy individuals as a protective agent and in people with COVID-19 to reduce viral load and the potential for transmitting the virus to close contacts."


•Feb 23 2022

Steve kirsch on Substack ( highly recommend this subscription - gigi)

27 page rebuttal letter from 8 industrial hygienists complaining about flawed CDC mask guidance:


•CDC changes guidelines for speech expectations for children:

Feb 18 2022

J.D. Rucker posted this link..."They just changed their developmental expectations for speech and other criteria, marking the first decline in childhood development in decades.


•COVID-19 and All-Cause Mortality Data by Age Group Reveals Risk of COVID Vaccine-Induced Fatality is Equal to or Greater than the Risk of a COVID death for all Age Groups Under 80 Years Old as of 6 February 2022.

Kathy Dopp, MS Mathematics and Stephanie Seneff, PhD 13 February 2022.

CDC at it again: Feb 26 2022



Reiner Fuellmich. Feb 11 2022

•Lancet : Natural Immunity has made Vaxxxx's Irrelevant. Feb 2022

•Vaxxx in PCR tests: Confirms John Hopkins University Feb 11 2022

•Ivermectin reduces Covid death: study Feb 10 2022

•Abp. Viganò endorses Canadian truck drivers, calls for prayers to defeat ‘infernal’ Great Reset Feb 7 2022

•Forbidden Knowledge TV: Car crash survivor wakes up in hospital on ventilator...Wow!..

This same event on the Stew Peters Show:

•Senator Ron Johnson Panel Discussion : data alarming Jan 2022

•Amazing Polly on the Freedom Convoy: Canada Truckers Inspire the World ! Jan 29 2022

Feb 4th Update by Amazing Polly:

•Yes, SARS-CoV-2 Is a Real Virus:

•Natural immunity Superior to Vaccination:CDC study 1.22.2022

🔥 Epoch TV:

🔵 American Hartford Gold (866-242-2352):

🔵 CDC Study:

•Rubbery Clots in Veins : ( Yikes!) Jan 28 2022 . Stew Peters Show with Dr. Jane Ruby

New Findings: Enough to dismantle the Entire Covid Tax Industry. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Jan 17 2022

•Dr. John Campbell..Covid is literally Nothing....( Data: interesting!) . Jan 20 2022

Ivermectin = end of lockdowns and vaccine mandates: Jan 19 2022

•Clif High... His letter to Washington State Legislators

From: clif high from clif’s Newsletter<> Date: On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 6:19 PM Subject: Fwd: Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #2 Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #2 Draft of #2 of my emails to WA State Legislators - an effort for their education. clif high Jan 15 Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #2 January 17, 2022 Comes now, before these Worthy Parties, Notice, Knowledge, Facts and Opinions such that may affect their deliberations and behavior. Recognizing that Rank and Position bring along with them Isolation and Control by underlings and minion via information control, We, the People, present you with information critical to your thinking. Belligerence, Officials, and the Law of War The release of the SARS-COV2 (spike protein) bioweapon, both attached to a virus, as well as delivered by any other method, is an Act of War. Activities prior to the release, including planning, will place the inception date for the war prior to the date of discovery of the release as an attack, thus actions taken prior to the release, later judged to be in support of the bioweapon attack, may be considered to be within the period of the belligerencies, and thus subject to jurisdiction under the Law of War. As an instance, implementation of WAC 246-100-... by WA DOH, as well as participation within the creation of enabling language within the Act by members of the State Legislature, would be adjudicated under section X – Civilians in the Hands of a Party to the Conflict, as detailed in the Department of Defense, Law of War Manual, update 2016, volume 2, should civilian parties, thus impacted, press claims of criminal behavior on the part of Combatants, or agents of Foreign, or Domestic parties involved in the Conflict. During a time of War, all actions taken by Officials will be viewed and judged against the larger background of the Conflict. Legislators and other officials, in all capacities, including supporting personnel, would be well advised to obtain, and read, the DOD Law of War Manual.

  1. Fauci's incarceration draws near. This will have significant consequences for the remaining threads of the pandemic, AND INJECTIONS narrative. Public trust, and acceptance, of tyrannical 'health' measures is already at record low levels, and will be expected to plunge, as the fraud of the PCR tests penetrates further into the Body Politic, there is to be an expected Public reaction and response to officialdom viewed as responsible for their oppression with 'bad science'.

  2. SCOTUS has let the air out of the pandemic. With the collapse in public acceptance of the edicts of the CDC and other federal government agencies, state level mandates will not be able to be sustained. As such mandates definitively fall within support of the bioweapon attack, the ability for Acting Parties to claim innocence of intent is rapidly fading into the past, thus judgments on actions going forward would necessarily be expected to be harsh.

  3. The rising level of awareness within the Public, of the debilitating effects of the bioweapon, as delivered by the injections, as well as the corruption involved with the creation, and distribution, of the various injections, will necessarily bring attention to local Legislator participation in the various government edicts that shaped the WA State response to the bioweapon attack disguised as a public health event. Legislators are advised to consider their personal, and financial, roles in these events as it can be anticipated that the Public, and Parties to the Conflict, will also be examining these events in detail. Such examinations will include relationships between Legislators and Combatants, and Agents of Combatants.

  4. The release of the CDC information shows that WA State had NO pandemic. As this can be established as factual within Courts, the actions taken as regard to the 'pandemic', and specifically, the 'narrative' in support of its use in the bioweapon attack, will necessarily be viewed through the filter of chapter XI of the DOD Law of War manual. Chapter XI addresses when military occupation law applies, how a situation of occupation ends, and when Combatants' obligations cease to apply, the authority and obligations of the occupying power e.g. in relation to legislation and courts, the movement of persons in occupied territory and the protection of children there. Responsibilities in respect of food and medical supplies, public health, spiritual assistance, relief consignments, enemy and cultural property and labour by protected persons are also addressed. The Chapter closes with an assessment of the Manual’s treatment of the rules relating to judges, public officials, public finances and of other economic regulation of occupied territory

  5. As the perception of the occurrences of these past two years changes in the mind of the Public from a 'natural pandemic' to an Act of War, and further as the role of the Chinese Communist Party emerges from the background to be exposed in the 'mandates' and other political actions here in country, it may be expected that Claims that certain officials have acted as non-Combatant Belligerents will be pressed. Many of these claims will be against officials who have been duped, or coerced into such roles, however, this is, as observed, not an adequate defense. The concerned Legislator may wish to review their votes and other actions after reading the pertinent chapters of the DOD Law of War manual. Such advice could also be heeded by subordinate staff.

  6. In order to assist you in overcoming the difficulties of filtered information in this modern age, I will be sending emails such as this periodically, and as manifesting events may warrant.

Resources To download a PDF copy of the DOD LAW of War Manual: Here is a link to encapsulated description of Devolution that may assist your thinking for the Immediate, and Long term future. We are at War. Every action and decision and Vote will have significant and serious consequences. Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series Devolution On January 20th, 2021, President Donald Trump delivered his final speech at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One, leaving the Presidency and the fate of America in the corrupt hands of Joe Biden and his handlers. Like many, I was devastated and even more so, I was confused. It was obvious that the election of 2020 was rife with fraud even th… Read more6 months ago · 495 likes · 712 comments · Patel Patriot LikeCommentShare If you liked this post from clif’s Newsletter, why not share it? Share © 2022 clif high Unsubscribe 548 Market Street PMB 72296, San Francisco, CA 94104


Tweet:jan 15, 2022 clif @clif_high

Vaxxed people are jamming up the medical system. Relative who got jab has 2 types of cancer show up & is competing with a rush of others thru the oncology system. The doc says it is a 'sudden epidemic of raging cancers'. New patients are being turned away due to space restriction 9:51 AM · Jan 15, 2022·Twitter Web App

----------------------- Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health.

Jan 16 2022

Text Highlights: Antidotes to the Bioweapon Were Developed Beforehand (bold mine)

Zelenko goes on to recount a relatively recent realization. Back in March 2020, he saw a MedCram video, episode 34,1 in which Dr. Roger Seheult explained some of the principles that he then ended up building his COVID protocol on. Seheult specifically quoted a paper that explained the functioning of zinc ionophores.

That mechanism is what Zelenko relied upon when developing his own protocol. However, he didn’t realize until December 2021 that the author of that central paper was Dr. Ralph Baric. Why does that matter? Zelenko explains:

“In 1999, Ralph Baric, funded by the U.S. government, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, figured out how to take an animal virus and have it be able to infect other species, different animals, in other words, cross-species infection.
In 2015, the same Dr. Ralph Baric, and Dr. Zhengli [at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China], funded by the National Institutes of Health, figured out how to make a corona bat virus infect human beings, and augmented its lethality to human lives. That was in 2015. But in 2010, Baric published that paper that I'm referring to.
So, the development of the weapon happened in stages, but before it was unleashed onto the human population, or the development of it being able to infect human beings, an antidote was made. Research paid for by the government was published.
The same people that made the bomb, let's say, also created the antidote to diffuse the bomb. And then, when the pandemic arrived, doctors like myself, out of necessity, came up with creative solutions, based — in my case, unknowingly — on this work. And immediately, that information was marginalized and suppressed, and doctors were deplatformed for advocating for it.
So, the government who made the bomb also knew about the solution. And the reason why is they didn't want to die. The stakeholders here don't want their families to die. But for you and for me, they have a different agenda. So, they had that information.
I have knowledge that the Google executives are all taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for prophylaxis, as is half of Congress. And so, the people that have orchestrated this knew the answer, and use it for themselves. Even doctors know the answer for themselves.
They prescribe [these drugs] for themselves, or they call me. But when patients come, they say there's no treatment, go home, take Tylenol. So, this is mass murder.”


•Film: Covid911-Insurgency:


•Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: HotZone Government War Games & The UFO File ( Oct 2021...really excellent analysis)

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