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Important Read: The Language of Archetypes by Caroline Myss

"Have you ever felt that your life was guided by larger forces? Unseen but very real energies that influence every direction your life takes? In her renowned work as a medical intuitive, Caroline Myss examined the patterns of hundreds of archetypes that exist in human consciousness, and uncovered an alchemy of spirituality we all can use for self-understanding, healing, and divine connection.

On The Language of Archetypes, this three-time New York Times bestselling author brings to life a gallery of archetypes in an 11-CD audio curriculum more than a decade in the making. Her first complete training course about how to identify and work with the eight major archetypal families, this landmark program brings listeners face-to-face with:

The Four Survival Archetypes everyone is born with—Child, Prostitute, Victim, and Saboteur

The Royal Family—Queen, King, Damsel, Knight, and others

The Shadow Family—Thief, Trickster, Addict, and others

When you learn to speak in archetypes, teaches Caroline Myss, you start to see the world and everything in it in an altogether different way. Delivered with masterful storytelling, The Language of Archetypes gives listeners a personal introduction to the many dynamic yet often hidden characters that profoundly impact health, relationships, career—every facet of our sacred destiny."

Purchase here.

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