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June 2024...'when minds and emotions hit the wall'

Updated: Jun 9

Clif High has spoken to this time: when , in his words,'normies' would start to awaken to what has been done to them through the mechanism of a destructive injection passed as a vaccine.

I have centered and concentrated on this subject through out my blog here on most posts: eliminating many posts on the characterization of a healer and those accompanying dynamics in order to create a history for the last 4 years and to issue warnings for those who have ears to listen and eyes to see. This is not an easy process to learn to question those in authority and to not question agendas.

Fortunately, my upbringing, schooling and personal work that allows me to be okay day in and day out without needing a 'tribe' for personal validation of my existence and to not care what others think when it is critically important to stand against the dark and for the Light ( as we know it at this moment in time).

It's important for each of you to learn to leave the need for a 'tribe'. "They" are counting on you needing to be in one to succeed.   Leaving one's tribe is an aspect of spiritual initiation and individuation. Carolyn Myss does a great talk to this in her 'energy body' series of work she did some years ago.

There is a force that is hell bent on destroying humankind.

We must now come together as a 'collective group mind think' in this regard outside of the familial tribal experience at this critical moment in time to overcome and defeat this force now before us in a unique way->

Humans must grab an energetic sword in the inner worlds and stand up to this form of darkness that has taken the Ying/ Yang on planet earth out of balance. The Dark has overpowered the Light here. The Dark is using every playbook imaginable in taking over the 'inner mind field' of the human being. I am speaking to forces that are terrifying by their presence from the lower realms and from off planet.

At this moment: we have something like 70% of the planet poisoned through these shots.

Those '70 percenters' downlines are threatened. Those '70 percenters' personal timeline on this planet is now threatened through clotting and turbo cancers: a close by 'slow death', with your personal contract you agreed to simply erased.

Those '30 percenters' who did not get vaxx'd are also now threatened : through shedding and the application of mRna tech into the food stream. For a while I felt humankind would be safe due to the presence of the '30 percenters'- until I realized every step had been calculated to the infinite degree.

We have a political process that is off the walls. Welcome to " V for Vendetta" . No fooling.

If you missed this it. We are getting all to close to this reality.

The quickness of this unfolding is breathtaking.

Forms of mind control are, and have been, employed, as well as vibrational energy. Many forms that you did not know even existed.

I have been shown that much of this is emanating off planet. This will be the next shocker.

Get ready.

In the are a few posts to the current mental / emotional shockers for 'normies' to realize they in fact have been poisoned: for which there are some healing responses by the likes of Dr. McCullough, Dr, Ead, Dr. Tenpenny, etc.

It takes the likes of Dr. Ana Mihalcea to take you to the next step in your process to appreciate the self assembling nano-bot problem in the human bloodstream at present created by the shots.

June 5: right on time...

Unless I am seriously uninformed on the assignments of the likes of Pine Gap and Fort Detrick ..this stuff came in, as I was shown, by the way of black holes in the galactic. Likely pushed in. ( if it did not occur to you that your "etheric shadow double" could created an actual 'kill' on another- think again: I have seen it happen when viewed in the inner worlds on playback. It has the ability to 'travel' and you are consciously none the wiser that your etheric double is 'traveling").

FRANCIS BOYLE AFFIDAVIT: It is my expert opinion that COVID-19 Injections meet the criteria for weapons of mass destruction. I hereby certify the stylistically edited transcript of an Interview I had with Stew Peters is an accurate statement of my opinion.

This energy does not give a damn who you are here: Burkey Belser, Joe Biden, or Tom the Trucker.

It has no face and carries no emotion.

Try to do good regardless. It feeds your soul..and that is what they are ultimately attempting to attain. Don't let them have it. Protect your soul at all costs.

We each have a 'mental and emotional wall", which cannot be allowed to be breached. If it is : the Central Nervous System implodes. Don't let that happen to you.

Get help for your Central Nervous System:

In no certain order. :

Osteopathic manipulations are a great place to begin with a 'hands- on' D.O.

Music: Bach. Mozart. Deva Premal.


Energy work: the few healers who can rebuilt 'fractal codes' and remove astrals from your field.

Retrain your brain ( I watched THE MATRIX about 40 times with the intention of training my mind like Neo's in the movie).

Some recent posts are here-> there will be a flood of them now.

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