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Moving onto world events: 2022/2023

Updated: Jan 8

I shall start here with an article by The Saker: Russia The Ukraine and America:

•Ukraine: The start of WW111. Martin Armstrong. Oct 2022

•Dr. David Martin...a rather explosive talk on the Catholic Church's role in all of this: Caesar's Coin : The Catholic Church & The Illuminati:

Martin Armstrong: Pelosi putting the world @ risk of WAR...Aug 2 2022

•The HighWire interview with Dr. Vander Bossche warning...this is a big deal. Watch intently.

•ahhhh...hello....Mr. Obama...Who Funded the Mules to Steal the 2020 Election?? Epoch Times. May 2022

•More: "2000 Mules" film by Dinesh D'Souza . A must watch .

•And now with Megan Kelly: interview...with Dinesh D"Souza

• "Rich Strike" wins the Kentucky Derby! Brilliant! a lesson for everyone to never ever give up!

•Martin Armstrong: Computer Program shows : "For years, I have warned that post-2032, we are staring into the eyes of the collapse of the West. The financial capital of the world will shift to China. I put out those forecasts years ago."

We can change this now: We must! GGB April 2022

•The Biden Crime Family: Martin Armstrong April 2022 Fox News.

•Macron...Election Fraud. April 2022

•Durham Investigation: April 19 2022

•And We, The USA, Now Have a Major Problem: It's Joe Biden: Clearly in Serious Cognitive Decline and outlined so well here by Neil Oliver of Great Britain: April 2022

•Jon Rappoport on "The Globalists have a Major Problem". April 16 2022

•Havana Syndrome: Covert Sonic Warfare? The Telegraph April 16 2022 ( fascinating!)

•April 9 2022 Paul Craig Roberts: Nuclear War on the Horizon:

•April 11 2022 Paul Craig Roberts: Hats off to DeSantis, An American Leader:

CRISPR Technology: The Gateway to the New Breed of Unhuman Species

By Dr. Igor Shepherd April 5, 2022

•Coming False Flag and Chemical Weapons : Martin Armstrong March 29 2022

•Martin Armstrong: Should We Cheer for Putin to lose? March 24 2022

•Dr. Robert Malone:All Along the Watchtower: March 10 2022'

"Things started looking a lot more complicated that just “Putin crazy bad man - Zelenskyy good man”."

•A MUST READ : Martin Armstrong ON UKRAINE/RUSSIA/WW111 MARCH 3 2022

•Armstrong on Ukraine: March 9 2022

•Clips of Ukraine...a big movie set! March 8 2022

•Excellent interview of Dr. Tenpenny by J.D. Rucker..{I rarely see anyone get it right as she does. ggb} . ->

ICYMI: My Interview With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Globalist Luciferians' Transhumanist Goals:

•Paul Craig Roberts on Putin invading Ukraine. Feb 25 2022

•Martin Armstrong on Effects of Sanctions Against Russia 2.28.2022

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