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The Dark Side

Updated: Jan 26

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I am deeply intrigued by this picture of Batman on the balcony of what one could interpret as a roman catholic church. While gargoyles may be perceived by the church as 'protectors', I see them as animals of the dark, and these have 'their breath frozen'..did Batman do that? ....

but then...this pope endorses the CV 'vaxxx'......WTH?

I will start this thread with the work of Whitney Webb. A young brilliant author and investigator who has been featured on ( Catherine Austin Fitts) and Dark Journalist for starters.

"One Nation Under BlackMail" 2 volume book available on Amazon.

Dark Journalist Dec 2022 " The National Security State Revealed"

"The Governance Control System Part 2: Tranhumanism Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his Special Guest Whitney Webb, Author of the Sensational Two Volume Set, One Nation Under Blackmail. Whitney walks us through decades of the Covert Power Struggles in the National Security State. From Roy Cohn to Jeffrey Epstein the figures may be familiar but with her wide angle lens she helps us see the Truth Behind the Story! Whether it's CIA, NSA, DHS or Organized Crime, let's pull back the curtain and take a look at the real Governance Control System and see who is pulling the strings! "

Jan25 2023 'Evil Speaking':

Pfizer Director Caught Speaking Out: Project Veritas: "Courageous Discourse"


Dr. Paul Alexander:"50000 foot level view"...more "pure evil"-> Psy-op. The world fell for it. People just fear death and the 'angel of death" came calling from their fear, gladly obliging...will their souls survive this? For the first time in human history on this planet: perhaps not.....the 'jab' disconnected the line to Spirit housed in the right side of the brain, which grows when one grows in step with Spirit at their create a walking A.I. Trans-human. Now they come for the animals.



Dr. Peter McCullough: "what are 'we' going to do about this"...what is your answer? ( my answer is contributing these posts and threads for the last 3 years, just for starters...)



and here:


JAN 26 Jan 2023


Now. to the Debate re this Pfizer exec: Dr. Peter McCullough. Good Points

Celia Farber weighing in ...Jan 2023


Depopulation, the Covid gene injection (mRNA Pfizer and Moderna) is meant to depopulate. " a bioweapon"

I completely agree with this view. No doubt about it- A BIOWEAPON.

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