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The World of Covid Vaccinations in 2021

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I saw in the inner worlds before anyone was announcing that Covid might have been created in a lab... and in my view that in fact is the case. Further that CV19 is actually a bioweapon. (

I was shown in a vision an individual leaving a lab fully dressed in a biohazard suit with the virus on bottom of the right shoe. This was in very early 2019.

Dec 3 2022: BOOM!!

Wuhan Lab 'Whistleblower' Blows the Lid Off Covid Origins Story, Claims U.S. Handed China 'Bioweapons Technology'

{ And here we go: CV from a lab in Wuhan!..all they had to do was to read my blog. }:

June 2022

Update: December 2021 : It is now being determined that the 'vaxxxx' is a bioweapon and not a 'vaccine").


I knew from my history of working 'hands on' with AIDS patients that nature did not have a response to assist us and that AIDS was also created in a lab.

Now we all know how many bioweapon labs exist around the globe and what a huge problem this is for mankind emanating from the dark side regardless of how it might be postured.

The current vaccinations do not fit the description of legal vaccinations at all according to knowledgable experts...but rather are a 'RNA genetic experiment'. That would then suggest that this is the first full on experiment on mankind globally should this be the case as described by so many doctors in the links below. 

Dr. Judy Mikovits has suggested that up to 50 million people will die as a direct result of receiving this vaccination for Covid. Is it an attempt to depopulate the planet? It most certainly appears to be the case given those statistics vs. the comps for actual Covid deaths by age range.

Linked below are many chats by various doctors for your consideration to educate yourself on this issue. MSM would certainly lead one believe that it is a 'must do' to stop 'an epidemic' now that all illnesses and deaths are being classified as Covid according to much published data.

I am not a doctor and I am not issuing medical advice on any level. I am suggesting that one do their personal due diligence and homework before making this important personal decision.


I could not resist posting this opinion regarding Fauci. My prayer is that the "Nuremberg Trial" comes to fruition in Germany and he is in the very first pew. 1.05.2022

Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone in the conversation of the century. 12. 2021

The Dangers of the Covid Jabs 12.19.2021

  • "Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., a molecular biologist and toxicologist, has called for an immediate halt to COVID-19 mRNA and DNA vaccines due to multiple safety concerns."

"What’s more, the nanoliposomes allow for superior penetration into tissues, and we now know it spreads throughout your body. It doesn’t stay in your deltoid. How long this modified and stabilized mRNA remains viable is still unknown, however. A corollary question is whether this mRNA might be integrated into your genome to become a permanent fixture."

"She also makes another important point. Since the COVID gene therapies do not prevent infection, but only lessen symptoms, they are actually a treatment, not a prevention.

And there are far safer and more effective treatments available, including nebulized peroxide, ozone therapy, and hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin regimens."

suspect those who got the shot will be severely crippled in various ways, and those who didn’t get the shot will have far better health in comparison."

“I absolutely agree that we have to preserve a control group. We also have to think of ways that we can help those that have been injured. I brought this out in a letter I recently wrote, advocating for Dr. McCullough."


"The Truth Is, We Have No Idea" - CDC Data Missed Millions Of Unvaccinated Americans

12.17.2021 Twitter:

"Italy: after the mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire." ~ @JackSlaterPT (Twitter)

Fauci: 'Gain of Function NIH Research' : Judicial Watch . 12.8.2021

Important Links:constantly updated.:October 7. 2021

Dr. Peter Mccullough ...full lecture.

1. The virus does not spread asymptomatically.

2. We should never test asymptomatic people.

3. Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable.

4. COVID-19 is easily treatable at home.

5. The current vaccines are obsolete, unsafe, and unfit for human use.

The Israeli Mistake....Pfizer vaccine experiment. 9.21.2021.

Project Veritas: Fraud behind vaccines. A must watch! 9.21.2021

How long do the vaccinated have to live? ( well, one can dowse the amount of graphite oxide in one's bloodstream for starters...and then what? there are answers. You just have to ask).

Antihistamines and azithromycin as a treatment for COVID-19 on primary health care – A retrospective observational study in elderly patients 9.20.2021!po=34.9057

Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is 'Creating Variants' ( this was published in May 2021 but prescient :) Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).

Covid-19-resources-medical-legal-forms-jobs-other-critical-information: ( excellent resource list)


DR. PAUL MARIK DISCUSSES IVERMECTIN AND VITAMIN D. ( results of all treatment options to date).

The Z stop shopping for a vitamin protocol: note back order status. 9.19 .2021

August 26, 2021

The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots-

Dr. Robert Fuellich : Filing lawsuits globally based on the Nuremberg Laws September 9 2021

FLCCC Protocol + Mask \

mRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon

By Dr. Igor Shepherd August 28, 2021

Religious exemptions..GAB

FDA approval illegal 8.23.2021. Stew Peters show.

Dr. Zelenko interview 8.20.2021 ( Treated President Trump and other major leaders plus 6k CV patients) .

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media

All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure

Aug 17 2021 Paul Craig Roberts:

Dr. Zlenko speaks to a Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Former Pfizer V.P lastest message August 13 2021

Dr. Shawn Brooks: those who have taken the mRna Vaccine will die within the next 3-5 years. August 19 2021


mRNA Expert Speaks Out on the COVID Crisis: Dr Robert Malones

BANNED from YOUTUBE Lab Analysis at 7 Universities Shows NO Covid! ( including Stanford and U of C)

Clif High on BitChute: Sept 2021 :

The Great Awakening. 9.9.2021

Truths Lies and Prophecy Sept 8 2021


Woo D'Etat

Jelling the Woo

Detonation of the Woo

Signs of COVID Injection Failure Mount

July 27 2921

Jab Remorse ( what steps to take if vcxxxd. Super important article by Dr Bill Sardi . Excellent article.

FDA BANS CDC PCR TESTS! ...->July 21 2021

PCR test to be withdrawn - not fit for purpose ! The FDA announced today that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 has failed its full review. Its Emergency Use Authorization has been REVOKED. It is a Class I recall. The most serious type of recall.


How the jab works and why it caused blood clots at the microscopic level: July 19 2021 posted. Dr Charles Hoffe.

Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan? Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola July 18 2021