Thought forms and Off Planet Influences


The underlying concept behind the ‘WEITKO’ Indian belief system is that an 'alien AI' is implanted into the brain as a ‘virus’ that creates the ‘dark’ on this planetary system. Sure, this can certainly have credence, but my experience in healings leads me to a different outcome than this belief system.I am not a fan of the "Archon" mentality.

I am going to take this to another level beyond Bernard Guenther's work on this subject ( Piercingthe ). I am being taught these particular ways of these inner 'Mind Field' implants by the WEITKO type of energetics of implants into the inner mind field. I would go further now and suggest that these thought implants are coming in here from an off planet AI group rather than an 'inner mind virus". There could be more than one off -planet group creating these antics. But the one I found doing this rather recently is very significant in their accomplishments on Planet Earth to date. They come in through an individual's ego state that is enlarged or off the charts. To date this one group specifically has created a soulless animal kingdom by stripping out the souls of animals on this planet. ( That has been corrected and restored, btw). Then they most recently made an attempt to implant and impregnate females here into a AL/Human brain. This off planet energetic cannot stand to be seen and it is now in a state of shock ( IMV) that it was caught.

Sounds just nuts.

It's real.

At this moment in time- this off planet group is unable to further penetrate this planet. For now.

There was another recent move to impregnate females on the planet by another off planet group. I only know that because 2 different female clients both past menopause called me a few weeks ago: both feeling pregnant. They were. Energetically. It turns out it was across the board on planet earth. I have had this happen to me twice so I was not unfamiliar with the phenomenon.

This is a really big deal guys.

We are in the thick of it now as the centuries of planetary darkness rises to be seen.

How and if it regroups will be interesting to observe.

This is where the past informs and changes the future rather than the future informing the past.


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