What Happens Energetically After the C- Vax

Updated: Jun 5

From a post on Facebook sent to me by a pal :

An article by a French healer who worked twice with a client that had received the 'vaxx" : that was published on Facebook ! Notice the client didn't complain of any physical symptoms (and I know so many are).

"What happens energetically after the C- vaxx?" A message from France - the experiences of a French energetic healer:

What happens in the energy bodies and especially in your soul after the "vaxx"?

This experience is told by a healer who has been working for many years with energy, with energy healing, with the subtle bodies, but above all with the light radiation and the frequency of the vibration of the heart, the seat of our soul, in order to achieve a deep contact with the higher self.

"I held a session with a person who had received the first and second dose of the vaxx. I had already treated this person energetically, but I did not know that she had taken the vaxx. When I started the treatment, I immediately noticed the change, very heavy energy coming from their subtle bodies. The scariest thing was when I worked on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul, so she was detached from the physical body, she had no contact and it was as if she was floating in a state of total confusion. A damage of the consciousness that loses contact with the physical part, so with our biological machine, there is no more communication between them. ( bold mine).

During the treatment, this soul told me that it no longer felt the body and had the impression of floating in a deep malaise. The energy I was working with, the energy of their energy field, was very heavy and you could feel these substances that are very stressful for the subtle bodies.

I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could not receive any more light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Then I understood that this substance is in fact used to detach the consciousness, so that this consciousness can no longer interact through this body that it has in life, where there is no more contact, no more frequency, no more light, no more energetic balance or spirit. ( bold mine).

Then I started to cry for that soul because it was something that touched me deeply, a very powerful experience. I didn't say anything to the person because I didn't know how to say it and if they would have understood.

I realized that it is not only polluting the subtle bodies or the physical body, but it is something to do with our soul. The purpose is to damage and try to destroy contact with consciousness. What Steiner said is exactly that. It is not just about damaging the immune system!

Update - Second treatment of the person

There has been another change and again a deterioration, both in the severity and in the energy that their energy field transmits, but most importantly there has been a very significant decrease in frequency. At the moment he is not showing any physical symptoms on the physical body. As for the situation manifesting on the energetic level and especially the soul, it has been confirmed that the soul has been expelled from the physical body, it is still bound by the so-called cord, but it confirms that it no longer interacts with the physical, emotional and mental body, there is no longer any kind of communication. The soul is no longer able to manage these three bodies, to continue its process of incarnation and evolution, precisely because this contact has been broken." ( bold mine).

I knew the intention of these vaccines was to block the ascension but I wasn't sure how now I know and I'm blown away. There's a part of me that wants to believe its because these souls were not due to ascend in their current life but really I feel deeply its a lot more sinister because I'm also aware they want to trap souls in the 3D reality which is hell 😔 if only people would understand we are all powerful free sovereign beings please stop complying & consenting to this virus agenda its pure evil!

Just like the satanic ritual for C19 - watch the 2012 Opening for the Olympics! I pray for these souls that they can return home but we now have zombies literally walking Earth.''


COVID Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death

By Bernhard Guenther, May 24, 2022

“People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas. The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind”.

– Rudolf Steiner, 1917


Image : Bernard Guenther...https://VeilofReality.com

Video chat on same with Bernard Guenther: June 2022



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