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A New Beginning as the Shadow Lifts

Updated: Jan 15

I woke up this am with the thought to share this story since I seem to be out of lockstep with the HOPI revelation folks and the Wes Penre/Wetko folks on this WebBot Forum website.

Nothing wrong with those beliefs and energetics. However I find that the energetics have shifted as this shadow side of the planet has come up for air.

So if you will bear with me..

In 2005 it came to my attention that we had entered a GRACE period from Source. Without this time, we would have been removed from the planet as a species. I had a marvelous dream where it was shown to me that Source was pretty fed up and that souls by the boatload left here in a long, long train.The one car train car remaining sitting in the clearing of the woods were the ones in Light. I had previously been shown in a vision that hundreds of thousand of stars went out: meaning that those souls would no longer reincarnate and that the Akashic Records were removed. Though as humans- they may be still living.

Chief Seattle came to me in the early 2000's in a session with my teacher. I was informed this was an honor. Honestly, I had to look him up. I then was called in the inter-dimensional planes to work with him and his tribe healing the trees and forests in Canada and the PNW. One day I was sent down to Missouri - packed up my drum and took off. Clairaudient all of the way, I followed the directions. On the way down driving through a deep valley on the highway: I was shown and told: " the water will be this high: to the top of these foothills and mountains". I came to a cut out on a back road and was shown the forest, I was told-" You may always hide and live here- like this". I had to go buy a peace pipe down the road (Apache) on instructions- come back to smoke and drum to the Sprits of the land. I drove back home. ( Never mind that the Indian store was not in my sightline driving into this cul de sac).

Many visits and many planetary healings from these inter-dimensional tribes. In 2008- Stuart Wilde had been taunting me for a week- peeking through the holographic pattern as half human- half horse. That Friday he enlisted 8 other men and attempted a psychic kill. I was on my knees in deep pain. Long story short, I survived after wrapping all of them completely up in this material I have access to. Mr. Wilde is now in the 5th dimension playing games after his death attempting to attract souls to join him. Bad idea. To my point: Chief Seattle brought Mr. Wilde into a circle in his inter-dimensional camp. I was standing in the outer ring. It did not go well for Mr. Wilde as he was dressed down for his actions in this psychic kill attempt on me. It lasted for hours in the inner worlds.

There have been over a hundred significant planetary healing accomplished since this time period to date. Both galactic and planetary to this Earth affecting and healing many systems/planetary grids/atmosphere/oceans/unseen support structures strengthened for the lands. Off Planet races attempting to "AI" humans stopped in their tracks and removed from here. Source energy has found to be strangled by 'quantum entanglements' in the strangest places and freed.

As a result and in my considered view: many of the older prophecies are now just that. Prophecies that no longer hold water. The energetics have been shifted. We are now watching the shadow deep, deep and stunningly dark rise to the surface for healing. Most of the folks you see in the news to be 'prosecuted' and as you await the 'trials' , many of you somewhat frustrated- on a soul level, it does not matter. They have already been removed from any reincarnational cycle on this planet.

It's my assignment here. Take this information as you will, or leave it at your doorstep or on your own shelf.

IMV and experience, we are in a new beginning.

And it would also be my considered advice that you check into the reality from which people are looking when they posts stuff like the Matrix 'locking us down'. That too has been attended to.

GGB 9.14.2019

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