The Knights Templar

Updated: Feb 7

Much has been written about the Knights Templar- are they the guardians of the Holy Grail?

Were they marauders? Just who were they? Dr. Joseph Farrell in his book: Thrice Great

Hermetica and the Janus Age: Hermetic Cosmology, Finance, Politics and Culture in the Middle

Ages through the Late Renaissance describes the Templars thus:

“Virtually everyone agrees that the story of the origins of the Knights Templar, of its sudden

wealth, equally sudden and brutal demise, makes no sense, and that there is something much

deeper going on, hidden from the annals of history, and therefore from our sight.” “ What most

do agree on is that without the Templars, what we think of when we say “Europe” would look

dramatically different. Without them, the Middle Ages would have dragged on and on. Without

them, we may not have know of the excess of the Inquisition and Papacy; without them,

banking may not have emerged as an institution in the modern sense at all.” He goes on, but

one gets the idea of their critical importance to the timelines.

Equally important to me is that Pope Innocent 111 wanted to wipe out the Cathars in this

region of the Pyrenees in Southern France where Magdalene is to have lived and they were in

the same timeline of Henry Lincoln’s book: The Holy Place. Could the Templars come into their

wealth the same way that Sauniere, the poverty stricken priest of Renne-leChateau did when

he discovered the hidden parchments in the church there that Lincoln deciphered as connected

to “Scion”? ( see William Henry’s work on this subject: The Secret of Sion).

As an aside, William Henry has studied the starburst designs in the Catholic churches around the world and suggests that Christ entered the earth plane from ‘Sion’ through a portal seen as


which additionally questions everything about the Priory of Sion theory as a hoax.

I had this energetic experience which lead me to believe I have a past life connection to the

Templars in the same way I do with Magdalene and the man called Jesus when I was Calpurnia, married to Pliny the Younger in Rome. Interestingly her writings of the time are published today: Letters From Calpurnia, Pliny's Wife A.D. 111-113: A Novel in Eight Books by Judith Harrington.

Calpurnia was 14 when she married Pliny the Younger, who was 40 and she was his his 3rd wife. She had the ability to shift consciousness in her astral chart accorded to these writings and was the only female invited to discourse leisurely with the Senators of Rome at the time. She was the love of Pliny’s life. Both were prolific writers. Pliny the Younger was an attorney. Calpurnia

apparently housed Jesus and his disciples when they were considered a dangerous ‘cult’ in


My daughter found a past life regressionist who was visiting Chicago. I was so impressed with

her that I made a follow up appointment. In one of our sessions- the following took place:

in this particular session, in the inner worlds- each Knight came forward. (There are to my reckoning 12 Knights Templar). I found myself holding a sword of some immense power. I

touched each shoulder of each knight and then their head- anointing each of them. Then the

sword was used to prick blood from one hand of each Templar. The vortex then closed.

But- I knew that they were now riding again in the inner worlds to assist in the now- and they

still are. It was important that their work and abilities be initiated for this time.

I asked my pal Ken last night just who I was that was able to initiate this energy for this event.

His answer: “the right hand side of God”. Makes sense to me. Source must use humans often

to perform actions for him/her. It was important to have been accomplished. Giza is yet another

fascinating story in a session with her (and Dr. Farrell is widely published in the subject of Giza and it's purpose from his perspective as well).

I keep getting pulled back to the Knights Templars. I met a friend’s partner some few years ago

and he immediately said:” I am a Knights Templar”. And I knew him to be correct. He knew

me- I knew him. It happens, you know…to all of us all of the time who happen to be awake and aware.


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