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Cancer responses to "CV19 Vaxxx Turbo Cancers" ..information only.

Updated: Jun 29

I am not a physician. I am adding these articles for your education and personal reference as there is an uptick in what is termed sudden onset "Turbo Cancer" . I will be adding links as I see them published. GGB

Dr. William Makis: " Once you've had more than 2 Covid vaccines your entire immune systems shifts completely to producing this tolerance antibody (IGG4) that actually helps in the tolerance of cancer and shuts down cancer surveillance as well.

oh boy.....

April 7 2024

Ivermectin and Cancer...Treating Turbo Cancer. 2nd Smartest Guy in the World.

Feb 11th...Case Study: Sigmoid olon Cancer ( success)

Feb 6 2024 Naomi Wolf: Kiwi and Star Anise:

Dr. Paul Marik on Ivermectin and Cancer...parasites again. Which is also what I have confirmed in my work...both energetic and physical parasites. Both must be cleared. Jan 22 2024

"2ndsmartestguyintheworld" post.

Confirmation multiple parasites found in CV Vaxxx plus many other additions as noted here:1.18. 2024

"Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger from the university of Geneva claims that multiple experts have looked at the contents of the #Covid#Vaccine vials - If true, these findings are shocking to say the least : “The contents of the #Covid#Vaccine have been looked at by several doctors and they are finding GRAPHENE OXIDE, massive amounts of metals and PARASITES in these #Vaccines” "


Dr Lee Merritt : “Doctors around the world are showing that cancer is intracellular parasites” “If you look at cancer under a light microscope, its essentially indistinguishable from parasite egg sacs” Is that why they tried so hard to shut down Ivermectin and other anti-parasitics during #Covid? Should we be looking at cancer in a different way? Is cancer related to parasites, worms or fungus?

This is absolutely my work, this has been shown to be true. Parasites can come in energetically as 'snakes' in your field and nest...then they become real in 3D and nest in an organ. The Aura field separates at this intrusion from the body and then there is not a master cell director so the cells go haywire. So easily taken care proactive in this regard. Detox. Use Ivermectin. ( not a doc- my personal experience ). I clear them out of folks all of the time before the snake like astrals manifest into your reality in your body.

For your friends with MS: check out these findings of parasites.

Why the turbo cancers from the vaxxx? I am not qualified to answer this one but I have read that parasites have been put in the CV19 jabs. That would account for some of whatever was done.

12.16.2023 Ivermectin may defeat cancer and other common diseases of Aging: 2nd Smartest Guy in the World.

Ivermectin and Fenbendazole Success Stories: Tumors, Melanoma & Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

( Personally I have stayed on Ivermectin since 2021 due to the shedding issues of the vaxxx'd. No way to avoid this crowd unless one chooses THE HERMIT card in the Tarot. I was stunned that my "RX' MD suggested I not breathe this word in her office! Looking now for a 'Functional Doc' as a result).

12.17.2023 CHRISTINE:"Stepping Off the Edge of the World": Substack.

Skip to the end for protocols that might help those who have become sick during the covid era, reclaim our pre-covid health.

Nov 26 2023 : Dr. Angus Dalgleish

Curing the Incurable Cancer , Feb 10 2023 .

How 5G , Turbo Cancer and World War 111 Collide. Justus R Hope Oct 24 2023

U.S. Government confirms 1433x increase in Deadly Cancer Cases due to COVID Vaccination

IVERMECTIN and CANCER, it has at least 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action. Can Ivermectin Treat COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers? - 9 Ivermectin papers reviewed

What if a drug could make you deadly to your tormentors?


Why the Unvaccinated Need Repurposed Drugs Against Cancer

Shedding is Real - mRNA in Food is Real


Turbo Cancer Treatment - IVM, FBZ, & Melatonin - Dr. Makis Reviews Repurposed Drugs

Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and Melatonin Stand Out - Take the Poll

. JUSTUS R. HOPE . Oct 2023

A global epidemic of cancer among people younger than 50 could be emerging By Brenda Goodman, CNN Updated 1:05 PM EDT, Mon October 17, 2022

OCT 31 2023

Epoch Times Video: Dr. Harvey Risch : Rise is aggressive turbo cancers. 9.11.2023

Young Male Athletes Now Developing “Turbo” Testicular Cancer – Are Covid “Vaccines” to Blame? March 2023

I am compelled to add this here on this thread:

What happens Energetically after the C Vaxx:

by Thomas Mayer...

One would need then to ask themselves how and why they bought into an international psy-op driven by evil of the highest nature.

Further: disowned me...verbally yelled @me at the top of your lungs while hugging the wall in abject fear; off the invitation list in the main; denied entry to restaurants and businesses...had to order dog food outside the door on my cell and have it put outside this same door for getting it in my car; to... 'Who IS this woman?!!" when I warned what was coming on a private group podcast with Jen Weigel over 4 years ago....etc. etc. etc. ...but really the best: was the entire young check out staff at my local Whole Foods stood together in a huddle at the registers and verbally refused to check me out. The manager graciously did when I asked for her.

As Naomi Wolf so eloquently puts these same type of experiences together in her new book: Facing the Beast. Great read. Affirming.

Where are the apologies folks? Are you up to it? Does it even occur to you this is how Nazi Germany succeeded in promoting Hitler's influence of evil ( Read The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft and The Devil's Chessboard by Talbot.

While some of you now ask for forgiveness for truly inhuman behavior towards the unvaccinated and now find yourselves dealing with a 'lab generated bioweapon' injected into your body with unalterable and multiple life threatening side effects slowly taking over your existence.

Wow. We are here. Again...

Really scary stuff: Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD's work

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