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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

CULTS…uggghhh…out to steal your Spirit and’s how.

My first experience was with Stuart Wilde…his ‘Redeemers Club’. The minute I saw the web

site I knew I was to join. Only later, much later, did I learn the why.

It was a 2 year journey that was accompanied by the most amazing dazzling visions that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I grew to not know what to expect each

night upon going to sleep. There was the bedroom emanating pure gold to a large pink salmon

standing upright in a palm tree in the corner of the room to a set of oval eyes over the 9 foot

doorway to my bathroom with a long slender nose. I would sit up and wonder…WTH? But the

visions would remain fixed in a waking state. More- WTH?! The eyes and nose came every

night for about a month. I finally asked my own guru/mentor to look. She asked: ‘are the eyes

oval?” WTF? How did she know that? ‘Yes’, I replied.

“I can go down to the center of the earth to the Joshua Tree (though the vision)- but you

(Gigi) cannot come. You have too much baggage.“ What?? I responded. “Yes, 12 suitcases.

Most people have hundreds…12 is not much”. Getting rid of those 12 bags is another story

and it took me several months for the very last bag to drop off. Thankful. Grateful.

Back to Mr. Wilde. The agenda of Redeemers Club was that in 2005 SW was confident that

humans were going to be dropkicked off the planet. He was not that far off. He wanted folks

who would sign up and be willing to do their personal work on a level that would allow them to

enter the celestial worlds. He was one helluva teacher and I learned a ton with about 200 other

fascinating, well educated people from about the world. Part of the work was AYA journeys in

Ecuador. I could write a book on this experience alone. It is worthy of one.

But…as SW went deeper into the inner worlds…he went too far. In 3D he became a coke

addict. In the inner worlds he ran into a Chinese crowd that was far too dangerous. I was

warned the the place was becoming a cult. It took me a month to get out safely. Others were

not as fortunate.

Some months later I was contacted by a couple of different people in the group that had also

gotten out. I went back into look as a result. I saw that now the existing members had

energetic Nazi symbols on their bodies. I broke the code and the symbols dropped.

It is a way to infiltrate humans from off planet entities. And all of these folks would have been

seriously compromised on a spirit and soul level.

I later realized the reason I really went into SW’s Redeemers Club was to experience Universal

Evil- meet it up close and recognize it when I see it.

Fast forward to today. Whenever someone promises you energetic upgrades and riches - be

careful. Very careful. The question becomes just ‘who’ or ‘what’ is beyond or behind the individual who is (hopefully) a misguided human who just may be in the process of being taken over by an off planet group and who are most certainly not interested in your highest good. These off planet groups ( and there are many) will find a way in- through an enlarged 'sense of self' in one's ego structure or unprocessed personal work as your weakness. They then will attack you personally through your own physical body's inherent weaknesses when you least expect it ( most often during sleep). As long as you stay in the group- you are supposedly golden according to the leader of the group who promises to enhance your personal skill sets, etc..

Until one realizes that their own Spirit or Soul has been absconded. Oops.

Nothing to play around with. I suggest you don’t.

I have watched this now with 4 individuals with major to ‘upcoming’ major reputations.

There is some masculine force that really, seriously, badly wants our souls here.

Word to the wise. GGB

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