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Drooling in the Streets

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I have been following Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics since 2005.

Remarkable material of predicting future events. Timing can be difficult as there is no space and time outside of our reality.

Below are notes of Clif’s from his reports in 2017 and 2018 are manifesting now. Regarding this aspect of folks “Drooling in the Streets”. People are literally losing their minds. You can see it and feel it. Here is what I have figured out.

This “SUN DISEASE” is a molecular type structure that sits on top of the Sun’s rays. It is an irregular shape and very thin. It has been there for thousands of years but was apparently activated through whatever means about 5 years ago.

It enters the human mind field ( what I call the ‘inner mind’) through the emotion of ‘hate’.

The political spectrum has set this up beautifully though the hatred being shown to our current President, Donald Trump. The “TDS” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome “ is literally causing folks to lose their minds.

I also consider this a collective problem to destroy America through the machinations of the dark. It is being played out by the Democrats at this moment in time. Consider the players that are employing witchcraft during election cycles.

To date: for some this is a temporary phenomenon. For others, it may go deeper if it kicks in other issues at the same time.

The molecular structure has been removed from the rays of the Sun incoming to this planet as of 3 days ago.

This is an fyi ...very unfamiliar territory for most. Try not to fall into this entrapment!


Page 2 of 38 © 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman Seven Seas - May 2017 All rights reserved

The descriptors for the symptoms of the sun disease as it affects humans have grown. These include 'standing, drooling' as though 'dumbstruck'. There are also descriptions of larger, aggregated effects including what is described as a 'jittery-ness', and an 'uptick (in) anxiety', 'frantic', 'frenetic', and other language pointing out 'humans on the edge'. The whole of the 'humans driven mad (or at least irritated)' by 'solar disease' sets have had near continuous growth in past years. These data sets are describing a new (as far as we now know) phenomenon that has been trying to express as 'sun disease effects on humanity’.

Page 6 of 31 © 2018 by clif high for Halfpasthuman Jump Out! July – October 2018 All rights reserved

The data has not only 'volcanoes erupting', but also humans. The idea is that early in July throughout the hot, northern hemisphere Summer, and especially during the 'late season storms', many within the population will be experiencing their own eruptions, and 'emotional meltdowns'. Many of the mainstream propaganda press are forecast to be 'presenting theories' of 'economic', or even 'political' causes for both the volcanic as well as human 'eruptions'. These theories, will be, of course, wrong. The underlying cause will be the strange energies from space affecting both the planet as well as its population. Many of the 'erupting humans' are described as 'coming back' or 'regaining composure' and being 'bewildered' about what has just happened to them. Again the forecast from over a decade back of the 'dysfunction' caused by 'strange energies from space' causing humans to 'stand in the middle of cross walks unable to move, drooling on themselves, stunned'.

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