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Planet Healings...and Genetic Clearings: why are these so critical?

It just occurred to me to clarify, besides the obvious, the why of why planetary healings are so critical. I found in 2005, when I was first 'activated' to do this work as the ability was in my energetic stream and what was really happening here on Planet Earth. I had learned I was a Shaman in a past life with a particular skill set that cannot be replicated or put to words.

I had started a group of 7...where we met monthly. It was my 'training shoes' so to speak. The only male member rode 'shotgun'- he and I have been present to 2 past Planet Earth awakening events and have roles to play. He would look out for 'incoming' strange energies. One member was a celestial being...her job in Chicago was interesting for such a person: she was in charge of the guard detail for Prince Bandar's daughter who was in college here.

What I realized- as we punched holes into the Matrix- was that it had been impossible for Source to even have a presence here on Planet Earth. That was a significant realization. This place was sooo dark and the Matrix sooo strong.

Now we have moved to the place and I have grown in my own personal capacity, that these healings are quite significant tor the planet and for the humans who reside here.

When these planetary clearings take place: the energy of Source is replacing all the darkened energies that are being removed. Universal evil had found it’s ground and is deeply entrenched- most particularly in politics, the financial sector and the religious sectors.

Source determines when I open the holographic pattern just how and where the energy will move throughout the planet for healing and removal of ancient energetics here in all forms.

It is stunningly accurate.


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