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Updated: Mar 20

March 2024 PizzaGate ..Archbishop Carlo Mario Vagino ...

Hopefully this video will play for you. And watch before it is taken down.

I took 2 years to do an intensive study of the cults. His view is, unfortunately, quite correct, given my homework.

This agenda has moved at lightning speed during 2020.

Regardless of who you voted for: this last election was stolen and many were put in offices across this land that support this agenda, including mayors and governors.

We are in the midst of watching a breathtaking success of evil attempting to take over this planet. There is a closed door that sits behind George Soros. I am not sure it will ever be able to be opened- and that happens to be a skill set of mine.

The Matrix split in March of last year. I saw it but was not sure quite what it entailed. Now I know more. There are 2 highways. 2 thought forms.

Those that remain largely asleep are on one highway and the other consists of those that are awake and aware.

I am not sure if the bridge will open between the 2 . Ever. Again.

From all of the homework I have done: this priest is correct. The vaccine is set up to be a killer (It’s just ‘when,’ after taking it)…manufactured in a lab with no correlation to this ‘virus’ that has not even been successfully formatted in a lab as an actual virus. It is something else. Many links are available to support this conclusion : including the CDC site. See also the work of Jon Rappoport; DR. Cahill; Dr. Lee Merritt and others.

The relationship to Congress and the Senate on both sides of the aisle being compromised in sexual or financial scandals and, further, how many people in so many power positions are hooked on Adrenochrome and are therefore compromised ( look it up and then you will appreciate the abduction of so many young children) means to me that we as Americans have little in the way of assistance, and/or, protection at this juncture.. The Constitution is being successfully trampled. At least, that is my view at this moment in time.

See also Sharry Edwards on Sound Healing episodes of defining voice tapes she ran of certain individuals: in particular: Joe Biden. I have worked with her many years ago for Sound Therapy.

Only now to find our justice system at the highest levels is compromised as well.

I now recognize how Germany was so quickly taken over in WW11.

Like many of you on this email list: I have lost many friends who refuse to listen…to appreciate what is going down…but I stand my ground in this fight against the dark ones.

As Louise Jones ( in the UK) suggested in her last YouTube: “ I knew it was dark- not just this dark”. I had that same sinking feeling the night the elections were stolen in such a blatant and obvious manner. How far they have come. And how dangerous this is to every single human alive today.

Prayer is an excellent idea. So is ‘waking up’ to the depths and power of these cult groups.

The world must fight back. Surprising to me at least: the Catholic Priests in Rome are. And some in America. I do not know if they belong to the same order. I commend them.

The bells are ringing. The Knights Templars are riding in the inner worlds. They came to me in November, as well as to others who were Knights in their past lives. We need their help.

Clif High just threw a correlation to the Knights Templar and The Gnostic Gospels in his “WOO WAR” chat this week. Prophetic.


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