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Psychic Kill Attempts

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

I was sitting in the advanced classes of Reconnective Therapy and Herwig starts the class with this statement: “Psychic kill attempts are real. Do not doubt it for a minute”. Then he goes into a situation at hand with a friend. I sat there thinking...’ok..don’t know what this is about and I hope I never have to learn, and further I don’t really want to know”.

But he was such an excellent teacher that I did not doubt his words.

Then I had my own experiences with psychic kill attempts that come from the inner worlds, off planet entities, or humans who are alive with a certain skill set. Black magicians are real. They have their own rolodex in the inner worlds. If one carries a certain amount of Light, you may manage to get on it. Their job is to keep the world here dark by employing their skill set to take out Light Workers for starters. There are healers who are really black magicians. Know and appreciate who is working on you. If you feel any hesitation- back out.

I will describe a few for the reader to appreciate what may be happening to them is just not an ache or pain but may be something quite paranormal.

My very first one was by Stuart Wilde and a group of 8 other men he enlisted- convincing them I was a witch. He had been showing himself to me all week by the slipping in and out of the holographic pattern where he was presenting as a unicorn in a human upper body. A slight smile would accompany his presence as he slipped back into the holographic pattern. I called my pal and each night we fended him off. Then that Friday Stuart came on for real. The pain and hits were so bad I was brought to the floor. I kept repeating ”you will not kill me”, and came back up to standing each time, hardly able to breathe. I was not at all sure I would survive. I called a friend who could be over in a few hours. Stuart slammed him as well: punched him in the stomach right away. The fight continued and my pal got rid of him. At the time, I was reticent to show my sword and my response capacity. I did not want it seen, and further and most importantly, I knew I was not experienced enough at that time. By the end of that day, I did have to draw my sword and I then wrapped each of them in a certain alloy I have access to as a gift from the Universe some years earlier in my training. They were ‘bug eyed” all wrapped up. Whew. ( in the event you find yourself confused reading this : it is all energetic in the holographic pattern of the inner worlds. The friend coming over is in 3D. He was hit energetically as soon as he got into my doorway).

Stuart has always said the most resilient of all are mothers. They will live for their child, as will I.

A black magician started after me energetically mostly at night. He actually would stand in the corner of my bedroom at night when I turned off the lights as a purple column. Didn’t work and he was simply exhausting over time. Sort of like: "give it up guy”. They particularly love to throw energetic knives in the kidneys. 'Bend over' kind of painful.

The next big one lasted about 6 months. I was entirely sleep deprived. The energy was affecting my brain and my heart in a slow energetic poison that was being injected into my big toe in the wee hours of the night. I could feel the pinprick. I built a ‘faraday cage’ of sorts on the 4 sides of my poster bed in a diamond pattern: which is the pattern of Christ that I also carry in my aura field. My guru/mentor was trying to assist. Nothing was working. Then she said one day: ‘tape a gold coin to your big toe”. I did. It worked! Took me 6 months to recover. The funny thing is that I was building this cage out of copper plumbing and I could not figure out how to create the angles. I met a plumber in the freight elevator- explained what I am doing. He did not blink and told me what part to buy. This attack was an ‘off-planet’ hit.

The last one lasted a year. I never knew when I would wake up in pain. It presented as sciatica down the right leg from about 2:00 am to 5:00 am.. The timing made no sense. It did make sense if it was a targeted computer hit. My homeopath was this is not how sciatica works in the human body. He was deeply experienced and had worked with me for years. Over time I was really getting worn down. The pain increased to 24/7. Then one night I could feel the energy coming in. I decided to take my ‘mind field’ above it. Stunningly- it worked and I have never felt that particular pain since. One of the keys to discovery of what this was: is that over the counter drugs or an RX had no affect on relieving the pain. None. I am in complete agreement with Catherine Austin Fitts that ‘targeted hits’ and ‘targeted individuals’ within this realm from within and/or without, are real.

Then there was the night I woke up with hands on my throat and unable to breathe. I knew to immediately get out of bed. As I lay on the ground, I sent this energy constant love. It worked. Normally it does not, and is meaningless. I had been warned this might happen as two of us had spent the prior day driving to upstate Wisconsin to bury a sacred geometric pattern he had drawn. We buried it after seeking the correct locale and drove back to Chicago. The dark did not like it and the result was the 'hands to the throat' kill attempt in the middle of the night.

I considered each experience a test on some level that I was obligated to pass. And I was determined to do so. That makes all of the difference. One must not succumb to any of these types of attacks. If we do-‘they win”.

And they cannot. They simply

Source needs us to do our part.


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