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Shedding and Nano Bots: New danger for the unvaccinated from the Vaxx'd. CV19.

Updated: Nov 12

Dr. Pierre Kory,MD and author of The War on issuing a series of findings and warnings regarding the 'shedding' issues from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. The human genome of the DNA has been permanently altered. Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea's work studies the Nano Bots within the red blood cells: a result of the vaccination. These, in her view and I concur, are to create a trans-human species that can be controlled through these nano bots. I consider this to be the first generation of this attempt.

Micro Robots in Live Blood exposed to Scalar Wave Quantum Cold Laser:

Solar Radiation Modification:

Back to Botox:

Tranhumanism and the fight for our species: Interview. Nove 4 2023

Graphic: credit to Dr. Pierre Kory posts on SubStack.

Dr: Pierre Kory: "Shedding" Links:

Shedding part 1: Manufacturers and regulators knew it was a risk"

Shedding Part 2:Bio distribution and Excretion.Nov 3 2023

Shedding Part 3: via Inhalation.

Shedding Part 4: Breat Milk and Placenta

Shedding Part 5: Causing sickness in others.

Dr. Kory: Shedding Part 6


Dr. Kory: Shedding Part 7 : "Shedding" causing illness after sexual intercourse.

Dr. Kory: Shedding Part 8: Clinical Anecdotes. Nov 4 2023

Dr. Kory Shedding Part 9 More Clinical Anecdotes. Nov 10 2023

GGB : And we thought we were safe! They have thought of everything here. Go to my page on "Cures" and get on these supplements listed in particular by Dr. McCullough.

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