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The Inner Worlds

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

In the world of the Matrix in which we live, we believe what we see is what is real. And often I am asked:"what are the inner worlds". My best answer is that the inner worlds open to us when we are on our path. It is the world of intuition and 'seeing'. It could be seen as the world of the seer or the shaman....but it is available to all.

It is my experience that the inner worlds shape the 'outer worlds': the world in which we find ourselves living our daily lives. And there are all sorts of levels in the inner worlds. It is the worlds of the heavens, the mystical, and the underworld. We choose in which one we would like to carry out our life in our soul pattern in this life.

In the outer world of today, so many are living their life in the underworld..the 'hell' worlds. But- they have no idea they are doing so. Caught up in the drive to live in the frequency of acceptance, we can run to be like others and are largely caught up in peer pressure or relationship pressure. And in doing so....we can and do forget who we are. And in this regard I am speaking to the soul and spirit of who you are.

We are here to take 'soul steps', as Thomas Moore would say in his book: Care of the Soul.

And to achieve that we must stay connected to, and mindful of, our inner world of self.

In this world are held one's various emanations ( if you have more than one), your etheric double, the energies of your past and future lives. It is the world in which I connect when I work with your body intelligence for healing. It is where your Soul self lives. And your Spirit self.

This world is also alive with the King Arthur's and the Knights of the Round Table; The Knights Templar; White and Black Knights; Star Seeds; Avatars; Fairies; the grid connection of all the trees on the planet- on and on-all riding or living in the inner worlds and effecting our 3D world of today. It is the world of visions and personal transformation. Some of you are these emanations and have the power to affect the outer world of today in the most positive of ways. The movie "Avatar" was a moving example of the inner worlds at work and the destructive capacity of the outer world. Heart rendering.

You must guard your soul and spirit here from the underworld beings. They are real...and are most interested in capturing your soul for their 'food', so to speak. You must not give it over. You must stay vigilant and do everything to protect these aspects of yourself. I have removed more than one soul from their 'slabs' or 'rooms' in which one's soul is being held captive. Entry points can be created by heavy metal music, heavy drugs, ritual abuse, and the like and you will be none the wiser. None. But you will have just given away the most precious aspects of yourself. It's a choice. We live in free will.

Connecting to the Divine within is a good start. Stay there. Keep your personal space sacred.

If your heart becomes too full with the pain of today- create an altar- and hand over what you cannot carry in your own physical heart to the Divine of your being. The Master has the ability to carry it for you. None of us need to do this alone. ( credit for this paragraph due to my own teacher: Amita)

I had an Aya journey once where the holographic pattern opened and there was the most beautiful queen I had ever laid eyes on. One by one, she took all the plates of overload I was carrying in my heart into her being. I could only manage tears and astonished gratefulness. What a fabulous experience and gift to be given.

You can do it as well...simply build your personal Grace account in how you live your life and you will be given the opportunity to spend it when you need it.


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