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The Sun, and Outliers

This is a 2 part story but they merge in the end.

I have been following Clif High since I discovered on a month long trip to

Santa Fe in 2005 or so. One reason I liked his work so much is that in his predictive linguistics

work in which he excelled Clif could pick up future possibilities on a couple of his topics that

seriously interested me- like his ‘space goat farts” section. I believe, as I think he does, that we

have the ability to shift the future of Consciousness. So I would read in earnest and make notes

of possible planetary events that could be consequential here. Was I to assist in any way?

One of those was this: The Sun was about to break up our ozone layer. Yikes.

I called a guru pal and said we need to work on this. I was met with some reticence but she

agreed in the end. Perhaps she thought this was a serious stretch of a runaway imagination on

my part. Don’t know. Didn’t ask and she didn’t say.

Backstory: one night while sleeping I had astral traveled and came to a group at the edge of

our galaxy. They were pissed to have been discovered by a human being. Soooo- over the next

few days they put an energetic mustard color like poison in my heart. I started to have

arrhythmia all week. Very disconcerting. My pal Ken thought I might have to go to ER. Then

Thursday night he calls laughing and I asked what was so damn funny. He said- “this group

now sees ‘who’ you are and want to be friends”. “Oh really?!, then they can remove the poison

in my heart?" They did- took a few days- but they did.

Second back story: I read much of Delores Cannon’s volumes of Convoluted Universe. (There

are 5). It made me rethink Source, reality and our cosmic experience. In one event- she

described that there were ‘Sun’ people. Huh! Living Energies within the sun!

Back to working with the Sun. My guru pal and I set a date and then open the holographic

pattern to the Sun. I see that the rays are tangled energetically and are seriously beating down

on our planet. Yep- Clif was right. How to best proceed?

My guru partner makes a comment and I do as she suggests. Then suddenly a steel wall

comes into play in front of the both of us. We each see it. A few minutes later, the wall comes

down. My guru partner notes the rays are all corrected now and the danger is past.

Then I note- the galactic group I had run into that one night had put the steel wall up. They

realized the energy of the sun would be too powerful for the two of us to handle and correct, so

they did it. Nice, eh? Then they withdrew once the work was done.

This would be my second experience of a ‘steel wall’ going up while corrections were being

made in a certain planetary dynamic so I was not unused to that particular event happening.

One down. Dozens more to go.

Cool, eh? Done…GGB

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