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What is Agenda 21? (And : "Agenda 2030")

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Agenda 21...This important video by Dr. Anne McCloskey is not to be missed:

What is Agenda 21?

A group of, what I would suggest, are men who are evil to their core and frankly a bit to a lot insane, who are promoting Agenda 21- which is a cloaking for a eugenics attempt to essentially destroy the human race in a calculated, preplanned series of events.

Let me back up: I have been introduced to the deepest levels of evil on this planet in my training. The initial timing was in Redeemers Club hosted by Stuart Wilde in 2007-08 for me. He eventually became consumed by the dark and this very form of 'universal' evil. I met it in his eyes at a workshop in Canada. Subsequent to leaving this series of teachings and 'Club': I was shown that the still current members had been impregnated with the Nazi symbol on their bodies in their energetic field. I was able to break the code and the symbols fell.

This was my 'heads up' to what is attempting to take over mankind- this very energetic. It did not just 'go away' with the defeat of Nazi Germany in WW11. It simply went underground. Then Eisenhower brought over to the USA hundreds of scientists who were given new identities, thinking the military could control them. Not so fast. They have permeated our financial, educational and medical systems and split the military into 2 camps. See " The Devil's Chessboard" By David Talbot. 

Enter Agenda 21: Gates, Karl Schwab, Fauci as the 'faces' of Agenda 21. Gates has essentially taken over the WHO as the main influencer. Fauci's connections to Wuhan Lab and Gates are now becoming well known. Schwab may be one of the more dangerous men on the planet, founding the WEF ( World Economic Forum) with it's global one world order and financial agenda. 

There is a steel door behind these men that is the source of this energetic. I have been warned for now not to 'shape shift' in to see what is behind this door and exactly what this energy is attempting to take over mankind. I strongly suspect it is A.I. , likely off planet.

In 2019 - I stopped an A.I. off planet race from attempting to impregnate the occiput of females with a half A.I. /half human energetic embryo . I enlisted the assistance of 2 peers who could work at these levels. For now, this race has been successfully locked out of here. But 'they' promised they would be back when I least expected it.

I also was shown hat 'Covid19" entered this galaxy through a black hole as cosmic dust. So what is CV19 really?

This stuff is real.

Enter now the 'vaccination' - which is not a vaccination but a worldwide 'human genetic gene experiment' with A.I. components. 

Do not be fooled.

I am floored by who the population as a whole is being taken in by the mainstream press, whose ownership overall falls to one man and his son.

See this published today in the Epoch Times: 

The planning runs deeper than any of us would surmise on the surface and it is rather brilliant.

Now to Clif High- who is posting videos almost daily from what he is picking up in his predictive linguistics. This is one example from the link I am adding. He sees that those who receive the 'vaccine' will be shedding CV19 for the rest of their lives and will have to mask also for the rest of their lives. Clif is predicting that Fauci will be forced to admit this problem but that Fauci will not be direct in saying so.

I also see it as an 'off ramp' for those who want a way out. The 'vaccinated' and 'unvaccinated' may have to live in separate areas of the country. No kidding. Could that happen? Already we are living in an 'Alice in Wonderland' of mass confusion where the planet has been taken down a rabbit hole.

All of his videos are posted here:

I have posted, with the assistance of my webmaster, many, many links to the dangers of this illegal experimental gene therapy on a prior post.

The World of Covid Vaccinations in post on this site.

Only the alt press is speaking to this. At the rate this is going it will be too late for too many. The pressure is enormous. Dr. Vernon Coleman goes to tears on his warning videos about what is going down:


We all should be deeply concerned and more. Forward generations are at huge risk here ( if not a given ) for A.I. implementation in their genetic structure.

Enter the diamond suit...the diamond suit in a deck of cards is the sign of Christ in one's aura field. It is also the number '4' in numerology....seen in doubles or triples on your personal clock. Pay attention. The celestial is attempting to assist. But it is up to us to respond. Will we ? And In time?

I attended a workshop by William Henry in Nashville in Nov. 2020. The man is emphatic about the danger of an A.I. takeover happening at a rapid speed.

This is where you will find William's articles on this subject, especially in relationship to the Book of Revelations.


I saw that the "Matrix' split in March of 2020. It came as a knowing and a download. There are 2 highways now. The bridge has become so far apart that I do not see, without divine intervention, a way to cross for those who have made a particular choice and who are living in 'fixed minds' of mainstream media and as a way of being.

We shall see.

It is best to stay centered and to detach emotionally to the extent possible. This will likely involve those you love the most in your family dynamics coming up here. It will not take long to manifest now.

Update: this is now manifesting and these links will bring you up to speed...May 2022

Davos Man and the WEF: Dr. Robert Malone


The ReichsWEF – Part III

The Department of Psychological Operations

Take this song to heart linked here:

And bring up your personal sword to fight this tyranny and evil.


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I truly love the video for Fight Song. Energetic and inspiring and hope giving. Thank you Gigi for all the information and validating what so many of us already know/feel in our souls.

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