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AIDS and Other Viruses Created in Labs.

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I just finished reading an article about Lyme’s being possibly created in a lab on Plum Island.

See this link:

In 2005-06 I was taking advanced Reconnective Therapy classes in Santa Fe with Herwig Schoen. One of the members of our little class of 7 taught the JFK assassination class @ Grinnell college. At lunch one day, he spoke to AIDS. He was convinced AIDS was created in a lab and funded by the Hunt Brothers, to whom he attributed deep racist attributes against blacks and gays. Well- there you go: the target group.

The reason this resonated with me is that I had been working pro bono at AIDS Alternative Health Care each week in Chicago in the very late 90’s. I consistently worked on 2 men who came each week. Then this happened: I was ‘told’ to ‘keep my hands perfectly still’ on the heads of each man in each session for each week. Energetic blood draws were taken.

Then I knew: Nature did not have the answer to AIDS. It was man made. Nature was trying to break the code for the lab virus.

Extremely hard to do as the virus is then built to mutate.

Now - here we are with Lyme’s.

I have far too many clients with this problem. And the virus should be responding to energy work. It isn’t.

There is work accomplished at the soul level...but the physical becomes very difficult to treat in these scenarios.

And to think we were concerned about Nazi Germany...are they here now? In our own USA?

This frequency needs to change. And it starts with each one of us saying to the Universe- no more. This evil needs to leave our planet and the evil doers with it.

Update Feb 2022.

We now know that Dr. Fauci et all have been performing 'gain of function' research ( restarted under Obama)..that has rendered a bioweapon released on an unsuspecting public in the form of 'vaccinations' by the 3 major Bog Pharma labs. The Pfizer 'vaccine' contains a live parasite. Imagine. Well-really- one cannot. It is why ivermectin works- it goes after the parasite. My inner eye can see them traveling in the body of a 'vaxxxd' individual.

Then there is the 'spike protein problem affecting the cardiovascular system. There is no undoing this harm.

See all of the links posted in Current Events here and the pinned posts on this blog. The life you save may be your own.

From Jon Rappoport: April 28 2022


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