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I am often asked ‘how does one awaken?’, or ‘how does one know if they are awake?”

Most often, it’s a slow process of realizing that you are quite different from your friends and family members. By that I mean your thinking process is different from the world in which you find yourself of your family of origin. I am speaking more to the ‘red pill’ question put to Neo in the movie the Matrix.

Once you accept the concept of the ‘red pill’...the statement is then made: "You can never go back”. “Are you sure?”

I find that for many of my clients that they were criticized growing up and did not ‘fit in ‘ with their siblings of origin and felt ‘outside’ of the family dynamics.

There is also an intense feeling of ‘inner loneliness”- regardless if one is surrounded by friends or in a relationship.

And that something is really ‘wrong ‘ with them.

Most often- everything is completely ‘right’ for this individual.

I would start to look for symptoms of a ‘star seed’- who agreed to come in to assist with this time. Forward information and knowings ....feeling as if they are watching a play of actors... psychic abilities....past life recall....and an appreciation that they are ‘in service’ to this planet, but may not understand just what that assignment is.

And people may start to make you feel that you are the ‘crazy one’.

The danger is go down the ‘rabbit hole’ if one does not find peers or people who speak the same language- as the articulation of words in the ‘red pill ‘ world of the Matrix movie is a different phenomenon from the main stream media.

This is the time to find the right energetic healer match up for you and/or a peer group. Not so easy- but there is Skype, FaceTime, or great blogs. And, read a lot...and then some. I listed only a few authors on the bibliography page that I found helpful and are current on the bibliography page. is such a place with Bernard Guenther for one. I consider his one of

the better sites.


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