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Charlatan Healers and the Hyper-dimensional Matrix

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I am seeing more and more healers who present as if they are connected to “ the One”, when in fact they have connected to a false paradigm that is presented by the hyper-dimensional matrix as real.

Many of these folks are published, and many follow. It’s the new trick of the Matrix as we attempt as a human race to ‘wake up’ and shift the overall consciousness here to a higher level as planetary caretakers.

A new phenomenon is occurring over the last 5-7 years where major ‘guru’ type healers ( in particular, males) are being taken over by an outside off planet force. The nature of this force is consistent. The energy body of the healer exhibits a stronger male power and there is a shift in the tenor of the voice. Strong direct eye contact at healing seminars would be/should a concern. It is quite subtle.

Those with an intuition side will sense something is wrong, but not quite sure what. This energy is implanting the soul of Light Workers.

The other subtle piece taking place is a ‘path’ presented to healers. It is now looking rather consistent.

Reiki; The “White Brotherhood Team”; “Archangel Michael”; “Ascension”; The “4th” and “5th” Dimensions”.

The Reiki ‘ray’ and work is compromised. I realized this after I took a reiki course to the master level. This work has become unbalanced, and as a result I never use it.

The “White Brotherhood Team’ is an illusion created by the Matrix so it exists inside this matrix. Personally, I connected to this particular energy for some time before it just ‘dropped’ off as my personal frequency increased over the course of time.

The ‘4th’ Dimension is where darkness and asymmetrical energies live. Open it up…and you will be welcoming them into your own force field. They will be then need to be removed by a trained healer for this level of work. The same goes for 5th Dimension. Another trick for soul capture.

It is only the 6th Dimension, where the sacred geometric patterns for healing exists to be downloaded into one’s personal field where an individual must hold both the capacity and a personal energetic field to receive and integrate these patterns for healings.

The original healing templates for the human body exists below Giza and are guarded by higher level beings. One must hold the ‘high heart’ frequency to gain access to this energetic aspect held at Giza.

There is not another ‘Earth’ in the sense in which people are now viewing it, nor will we be ascending to a “NEW EARTH”.

The work is here. The need to increase one’s personal frequency for your soul growth is here.

There are 'mirrors' of this planet and the unusual and under appreciated power of Giza at Egypt in the holographic pattern. They present as a luminous green. Generally the frequencies in this space are much too intense for the majority of mankind to access, much less the majority of healers. One can fry their personal field trying to access this particular part of the holographic pattern or have serious resulting issues with one’s physical body.

Finally, there is the ‘uninitiated healer’. It takes many years of work to appreciate and integrate the ability to access the holographic pattern to “Source”, or the creator of this reality to connect with the body intelligence of the client for deep and powerful healing. There will be many tests and one must pass them all. The universe works in a consistent Chi pattern for healing and does not vary. Otherwise, you are drinking the Kool-aid for a ‘one time walk through’ visit. Healing doesn’t work that way-at least for now. We have not evolved our ‘mind-body’ connection to that point yet as the Masters who once walked this planet are able to do.

As one of my teachers suggested, ‘muscle checking’ ( or applied kinesiology) can only be half right. or half wrong. I kinda loved that suggestion. Dowsing is terrific when one’s own electrical body is connected to a physical source like vitamins to check a match for your body. Only after years of dowsing has a pathway been created in the right side of the brain: where the spiritual home exists in the human body, for more accurate information. “Downloads” is the phenomenon most often used to express information coming in directly from Source that, at this point in our evolution, can be presumed to be the most accurate in and for healing.

In the end, it is all math: be it the Fibonacci scale, Geometry, Psychics, Chi…it is all math.

Use discernment on your personal path. And most of all, never give away your personal power to another.


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