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Code of conduct from a healer you employ: What to expect.

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

I was trained very well over the years with wonderful mentors and teachers. There were very clear expectations and ground rules laid out for doing this work with a client.

First of all, you are allowing me (or another healer) to be with your own body intelligence within your energetic field. This connection is made when I open the holographic pattern to find your ‘logos’ in the inner worlds to work with you.

In my case, based on my training. this is higher frequency work as I am not working directly on your physical body with tuning forks or flower essences, herbs and the like but rather in the higher aspects of your aura field.

I often suggest this level of work be followed by work in the physical like a Feldenkrais session, massage, or an old school hands-on Osteopath.

At no point may I work on you without your understanding and conscious permission that I will be doing so: either by agreement to work long distance (where I will email you the results) or in person by FaceTime or Skype. An exception would be when family/genetic entanglements arise and need to be cleared involving more than one individual. Then that individual's soul's permission is obtained to clear the client. To do so without your permission means I get to take on your personal karma.

There are exceptions to every rule- and one would be if Source intervened on someone’s behalf in an emergency. I have had this happen perhaps half a dozen times. The urgency message is: ”drop everything-move now-open the pattern and start to work”. I have had this occur several times: passing an accident, as an example. If someone has in fact died, their soul may need to be escorted through the frequencies. Side note: the tunnel of light often reported by those who come back from an NDE experience is a Matrix trick. Another subject.

I have also had this event take place when I was doing my own energetic work:energetically a line of folks come in to receive the same work. This would not be a request I had initiated. Interesting people feel that they ‘always know’ where their conscious mind and inner being is and that this is simply impossible to occur. Not so-we can travel with our energy bodies and we all have ‘etheric doubles’ in the inner worlds ( which vibrate at a different frequency to your 3D self). So, If ‘Aunt Betty’ ‘felt’ you in her house, likely she did and likely you were there.

To the treatment results: the body intelligence is a separate energy from the inner mind of an individual. It knows all there is to know about you from soul inception. The body intelligence directs the work based on the capacity and breadth of the individual healer. The body intelligence knows before your conscious mind that you are going to make an appointment with ‘so and so’ and may in fact, guide you to do so.

It is a mistake to believe you know more than your body intelligence. Try not to fall into this inner trap of the ego structure. You would actually find yourself arguing with yourself.

If you happen to be carrying certain energies on a soul level, you can block your own healings, regardless of your conscious desire to heal. It could manifest in any number of ways. We have 'soul threads' that are the contract we each make upon an incarnation. We might refuse to address the work we came in to accomplish in this life: 'putting down' our luggage vs. 'unpacking the bag' through personal work. We might have taken on forms of 'learned helplessness' and do not wish to change this dynamic not only for the attention we receive, but we would then have to grow up and accept responsibility for our life. Lastly, your 'inner child' aspects may be holding you back and controlling your adult life. Why I strongly recommend 'inner child' work as an adjunct. The best healer I know for this body of work is Amita:

It’s rare that ‘strange energy” will completely block one’s healing..they may greatly interfere or attempt a ‘soul steal’ ( more to the point) - but that is a different paradigm, and they can be removed. ‘Irredeemable demons’ are another act altogether. That level of demonic in the inner worlds tend not to value life. It is my belief that suicides are a ‘possession’ issue of this level. They can take over your mind. Good idea never to do heavy recreational drugs. Note: Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug but rather a deep healing paradigm from the jungle plant kingdom called 'grandmother snake': the transformational kind.

There are exceptions to every rule, and that one big exception would be really deeply obnoxious off planet interference in violation of free will here. Mostly these energies or entities are met in one's dream state vs. an in person house call - at least thus far.

No one said this would be easy. Earth School. Complicated, and yet, amazing and wondrous.


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