Updated: May 30, 2018

This is really a wild time for most...and many are struggling with information overload.

The first thing to do is turn off the televisions and cancel most of your subscriptions. You will live with out all of it.

Then attempt to back off computer time- do not take your cell phone to bed with you and- unless you have kids or emergency medical scenarios-try leaving it at home.

G5 will have a huge impact on your health. Go to and order their product to protect you on a cellular level.

Spend quality time alone.

Spend quality time in nature.

Baby boomers: the animal kingdom is in serious trouble. Volunteer....somewhere....somehow. guys are the saving archetype of this Fourth Turn. Educate your bosses... insist on integrity in the workplace.

Women: refuse inappropriate comments or overtures from men in the workplace. If you are being abused at home- get help. Men- if you are doing the abusing- get help. Or, if you are being abused- get help. It’s out of control.

Couples- start being honest with each other. Affairs are not helpful and most relationships do not survive betrayal.

To men and women: the current ‘masculine’ model is corrupted and not in alignment with Source. We all hold both the feminine and masculine within: regardless of gender. Honor both.

We must clean up the genetic lines of hereditary influence at the soul root structure to present time. Everyone - every family line. Most especially - the ‘blue bloods’ of the NE, SE: USA, and Europe.


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