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Gravity and the Holocaust Museum

Where we are on Gravity and my experience in 2004 @ the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

I had been getting ‘downloads’ for some time by 2004. I was in D.C. for a Human Rights black tie event and had arrived the day before that Saturday night event.

Saturday morning I heard “go to the Holocaust Museum”. By this time I have grown used to getting instructions of some nature... some wild, some not so wild. I also know that I think I am doing something socially for myself and that rarely becomes the case. I have been sent by ‘whomever’ to D.C. with the HRC event as the motive. So- I go to the Holocaust Museum

(never mind that I have already been twice in the past).

I am ‘directed’ to Daniel’s Room- dedicated to the children that died during WW11 during this most tragic time. I am in a ‘zone’.... and the next thing I know is that I ‘hear’ in a clairaudient manner that there was a child who was in utero and had died with his parents in the gas chambers.

This child would have discovered the true nature of gravity had he been born.

I was told that there was not enough time to birth him again now. The information he held needed to be transferred.

The next thing that shows up is that this information is go to a female scientist who feels like she is in her thirties and lives in Switzerland.

I speak to the parents who are obviously deceased and ask permission to move this information from their son forward. Permission is granted.

The information is transferred.

And I leave.

I don’t think too much about it until some years later. It comes up again, perhaps in 2009, that this information needs additions and I facilitate that transfer as well. I confirm with my pal that it is complete and it is for this time.

I now wonder if this female is the top scientist at CERN. And if she has a young son.

I just listened to a youtube program posted by a fellow webbot-botter:

“Bob Lazar and Area 51 flying saucers”. Joe Rogan Experience #1315.

Bob Lazar is a whistle blower on the space ships being held and explored by the US at this site near Los Alamos, N.M..

What is most interesting to me in this interview is that gravity was discovered to be a wave form in 2016. We had no idea. The discovery came through investigations of the black holes in space.

It validates this experience for me that we had no idea of how gravity worked back in 2004 and barely do today.


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