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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

At some point in our lives, we begin to realize that things are not working in the same old ways that they used to and we need to do something about it.

Often - if we miss the signals and the ‘nexus’ points presented by our guides and the Universe- we will get hit over the head in any numbers of ways.

This is “Earth School’ and we incarnated to learn- and that holds true for Star Seeds as well.

There is the deep transformational experience of softening the ego structure and evaluating just why we are here. One can only gather so many toys and possessions.

This takes some time. One cannot move too fast both for the central nervous system of the physical body or the personal Light Body of the aura field.

Healing is multi-layered and has many facets.

As the veils are dropping between the realities, or if we are given to astral traveling during sleep, we pick up implants or energies that are not ours that require clearing. These can be structural mechanisms or energetic parasites that plant themselves in one’s physical body.

Ghosts, genetic line influences, outdated thought forms all fit into this category that are separate from personal ego 'shadow' work.

The concept is to raise one’s vibrational field to not attract lower level influences. That is primarily accomplished through personal work; attention to diet; higher vibrational music; clearing one's personal space through the use of sage, smoking pure tobacco leaf ( lower astrals hate the smell), and the like.

There are also about 4 spiritual nexus points that will present for deep life shifts into the spiritual world: ages 45, 60, 72, and 85. Doors open..and one can walk through. Upgrades will come. And assistance if you ask for it. This is a free will planet.

I have some responses to questions regarding inner level protection and the use of the word 'evil'. Some people seem to confuse 'evil' with what really presents as individual 'shadow' work. Often I find that people are really speaking to Jungian personal "Shadow work", and they use the term 'evil'. It's not. It's simply 'shadow work'. That's a very different piece. All of us have Shadow and need to own it...and work it. That is what the Enneagram is for. That is what Aya journeys accomplish. Tools are abundant for us to do this level of personal work with a licensed psychologist or a visit to the Amazon with a vetted shaman.

"Evil without" ( or 'stuff' outside of us) is where I come in.

For lack of better language: I am going to name this 'stuff'- 'astral implants' or 'strange energy'. They come in all forms: from mechanical inserts to little tiny, tiny wiggly things to energetic snakes etc. They can be in your blood vessels, organs, spine, heart, brain, anywhere. Heart, Spine and Brain are the big ones they go after. One gets the picture.

So then I am asked :Okay- then how do I defend myself from all of this?

That is what our Aura field was built for.

The Aura field is that big protective bubble comprised of 4 layers that surrounds our physical body.

Our aura fields can be, and often are, compromised today.

Any small crack in one's field allows entry...tiny minute cracks.

How do these cracks develop?

Examples are:

• unprocessed 'inner child' aspects not worked that manifest in forms of unbalanced adult behavior of any nature when your 'inner child' is 'driving you car' vs 'your adult'. ( Licensed Psychologist' work). ( an expression I learned from my own therapist years ago).

• overuse of drugs and alcohol

• chemical drugs of any ilk.

• metal type music that is low frequency.

• addictions

• toxic relationships.

*Do your personal work: most especially 'inner child' work. Very few people actually do this completely and well.

*Get your genetic line cleared back to the inception of your family root structure by healers like me. There are plenty of us in the world today. People should match their personal field to the healer's abilities and energetics.

• Visualize your field sealed ( after your have visualized all astral implants as vacated) every day.

• follow the lifestyle habits I listed above.

• Get physical work on a regular basis: massage, chiro, Feldenkrais; Osteopathic hands- on work. That kind of work.

I kid you not...there will be almost NO illness on this planet if folks kept their personal fields cleaned up.

Source: Dec 4 2022


Dr. Tina Peers:

Protocol to detox from the spike protein:

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Cold showers

  • Resveratrol 500mg twice daily

  • Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg daily with food (if available)

  • Sodium butyrate 300mg daily

  • Melatonin (slow release) 2-10mg 3-4 x a week

These encourage autophagy and are cancer protective. Treatment for acute Covid:

  • Magnesium 400mg daily

  • Selenium 100mcg daily

  • Zinc 30-50mg daily

  • Vitamin D 10-20,000 iu daily

  • Vitamin C (slow release) 4-5gm daily

  • Quercetin 500mg daily

  • Low histamine diet

  • Antihistamines: Loratadine 10mg 4 x a day or Cetirizine 10mg 4 x day or Fexofenadine 180mg up to 4 x a day

  • Amoxicillin 250mg 3 x a day for 5 days (virus affects the bacteria in the gut)

  • Ivermectin 0.4mg/kg daily with food (if available)

To find out more about Dr Peers, please visit her websites:

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